New phase of Vanderbilt SPC Wireless Devices aimed at installer convenience


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Vanderbilt, a global provider of state-of-the-art security systems, has announced new devices to complement the existing range of SPC Wireless system. The new range of devices include:

  • WSIR-EXT – Wireless external sounder/beacon available with a blue, red or orange beacon.
  • WSIR-INT – Wireless internal sounder/beacon.
  • WRPTR – Wireless AC plug style repeater to provide an alternative communications path.
  • Wireless accessories – a range of accessories to improve the installation experience.

Wireless technology is coming of age and the new Vanderbilt devices boast two-way wireless technology that delivers ease of installation without compromising on the security of a wired system.

Commenting on the latest release, Ross Wilks, Head of Marketing Communications at the company noted: “We are pleased to announce the expansion of the SPC intrusion detection family with the release of these wireless devices. This range of products was designed in response to growing consumer IoT trends and as a result, present a great revenue opportunity for installers in boosting their SPC portfolio offering.”

Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless devices are secure for installers to mount, pair and configure, and they can cover over 500 metres in open space. This is a more cost-effective alternative than having to wire an entire building with cable. The 500-metre range cuts down on install time meaning a whole building can be fitted in just a couple of hours, offering a means of reducing costs for the installer.

Paul Drillsma, Product Manager for the devices at Vanderbilt stated: “A vital feature of these releases is that the devices use the industry-leading lithium batteries, resulting in an extended battery life of five years or more. This longevity can free up installers’ time for more urgent tasks, as they won’t have to go to the site as often to keep changing out batteries.”

Battery life is a critical component of the SPC Wireless devices. An automatic power-saving mode supports them and in fact, the SPC Wireless smoke detector, complete with EN14604 approval, comes with a battery life of over ten years.

Further delivering on the aim of aiding installers, settings for SPC Wireless are all configurable over the air, again reducing the need for time-consuming site visits.

Drillsma continues: “Installs for Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless devices were designed to be hassle-free. In contrast, a wired solution can take, at a minimum, a day’s work fitting cable. By reducing time on site, Vanderbilt’s SPC Wireless can enable installers to get more work done elsewhere, essentially meaning more profits from more jobs.”

This release marks the second phase of wireless development for the award-winning SPC system. In subsequent releases due next year, Vanderbilt will also present repeaters for wired keypads, PIR cameras and wireless keypads for their wireless range to the market.

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