New locking technology unveiled by BQT Solutions


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BQT Solutions has launched the next generation of its misalignment and sideload release locking solution – the Cobalt Series (YD30D/YD30S).

In addition to its strength and reliability, the Cobalt Series now uses even less power, making it the most eco-friendly, high pedestrian door lock in the range.

Matthew Nye-Hingston, COO, BQT Solutions said: “The enhancements made to the Cobalt Series elevate what was already a unique lock to the point where it’s miles ahead of the competition.

“By increasing the motor life to over a million operations, improving the sideload release strength and decreasing unlocking and locking times, the Cobalt will fast become the electronic locking solution of choice for high usage environments.”

The Cobalt Series’ standout improvements include:

  • High usage performance – with a cycle life of 1,000,000 cycles, the cobalt series is now suitable for all high usage environments. This is a 700,000-cycle improvement from the previous 300,000-cycle life
  • Side load release – a key feature of the cobalt series is its ability to unlock even under excessive sideload force. Now the cobalt series will unlock with 6,000N (1,350 lbf) of sideload force, a 5,000N improvement
  • Quick locking and unlocking – quick unlocking is critical, which is why the unlocking time has been improved 50% to less than 0.3 seconds. This is matched with a fast one-second typical locking time
  • Low cost running – with any high security product that is engaged and working 24/7, decreasing the power draw is another key improvement. Now with an initial powerup current of 0.75A@12VDC and a standby current of 40mA@12VDC, the cobalt series is the eco-friendly world leader lock

BQT Solutions is the access business segment of the AVA Group. Mal Maginnis, CEO, Ava Group added: “Our highly skilled development team has worked to ensure that the new Cobalt Series is the best of its kind.

“With several international exhibitions planned, we look forward to showcasing this revolutionary locking solution to both current and potential customers in the coming months.”

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