New rapidly deployable entrance control solution launched by Integrated Design Limited

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A new cost-effective, rapidly deployable entrance control solution that can help business owners adhere to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and keep staff and customers safe has been developed by Integrated Design Limited (IDL).

Based on existing, proven technology, the customised Door Detective Compact has been adapted to enable robust and straightforward population monitoring and control at single entrance doorways. The solution is ideal for a range of workplaces, for example offices – especially for shared kitchen facilities or toilets – small retail stores, factories, leisure facilities, colleges etc. or any other work environment where the maximum capacity needs to be controlled to prevent overcrowding.

Installed either side of a door frame, or placed both sides of an entrance on stands, Door Detective Compact units monitor the doorway using infrared optical technology and detect pedestrian movement in either direction. Using the newly developed control box, a maximum population threshold limit is set. As people walk in and out of the monitored area, the real-time population is detected and displayed on the control box, along with the maximum number of people permitted in the space at any one time, with lights and alarms used to provide alerts when safe numbers are exceeded.

Entrance Control

  • If the population is at a safe number, the units display green lights indicating that further people can enter
  • Should the population count reach the set threshold limit, the Door Detective Compact units turn red, providing a warning that no further people should enter
  • If the maximum limit is exceeded, the units flash red and an audible alarm sounds to indicate that numbers need to be reduced to a safe level
  • As people leave the monitored area, the population count decreases and the units return to green, to signal that it is safe for further people to enter

The rectangular stainless steel enclosures of the Door Detective Compact have a small footprint and offer an aesthetically pleasing two-tone design to complement multiple types of décor, while still maintaining its performance.

Tony Smith, Major Accounts and Marketing Manager at IDL, comments: “Businesses which require their staff to be physically present – whether that be in an office, a factory, a retail store, or other – have been looking for ways to control the number of people it is safe to have in their premises, or particular areas within their premises, at any one time. We have developed a rapidly deployable and cost-effective solution which is, in essence, a ‘plug-and-play’ population counter which doesn’t require any complex installation and can be set up in around 15 minutes, to help business owners keep their staff and customers safe by preventing overcrowding.”

For more information on how IDL can support your efforts to limit the spread of the virus by preventing overcrowding, please get in touch today on +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email [email protected].

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