New COVID-19 Risk Portal released to help situational awareness

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The Risk Advisory Group Ltd, in partnership with WatchKeeper International Ltd, has released a new COVID-19 Risk Portal to help global organisations recover from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 Risk Portal is available free of charge to all Risk Advisory SIAS clients and eligible organisations combating the pandemic, including those involved in academic research and public bodies.

It combines intelligence and data from Risk Advisory’s Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS) with WatchKeeper’s innovative technologies for data integration and geospatial visualisation.

The COVID-19 Risk Portal gives users geospatial and situational awareness of the pandemic and its impacts worldwide in a powerful, simple and functional tool. It combines all SIAS reporting on COVID-19 with an aggregated feed and analytics of thousands of relevant data points from high-quality open-source data on COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Risk Portal enables global organisations to take data and intelligence-driven decisions as they manage the wider ranging impacts of the pandemic and plan for the risks that lie ahead as restrictions begin to ease.

The COVID-19 Risk Portal provides:

  • Curated high-quality real-time data feeds on publicly available COVID-19 data in a single platform, aggregating tens of thousands of data points
  • A live feed of Risk Advisory’s high-quality SIAS intelligence reports, assessments and near real-time alerts related to COVID-19 worldwide
  • An interactive live map of international and domestic travel restrictions and their impact on business activities, curated by Risk Advisory intelligence analysts
  • A new country risk rating system of COVID-19 movement restrictions and their impact on business activity
  • Risk Advisory’s live country risk ratings related to medical and health risks

Reflecting both Risk Advisory and WatchKeeper’s shared ethos of adaptive and innovative solutions driven by client requirements, the COVID-19 Risk Portal is designed to be evolutionary. The coronavirus pandemic is an extremely dynamic situation and as organisations face evolving challenges to respond, the COVID-19 Risk Portal will integrate new data sources and analytics to ensure users have the latest and best intelligence at their disposal.

Henry Wilkinson, Head of Intelligence & Analysis, Director of Risk Advisory, said; “The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in a matter of weeks. It has presented leadership teams with some of the most difficult business decisions they have probably ever had to take. Never has timely high-quality intelligence and data been more important. We are proud to be able to offer this COVID-19 Risk Portal in partnership with WatchKeeper to help organisations get through the crisis and recover as fast as possible.”

Hugh Farquhar, CEO of WatchKeeper International, added; “By pooling our intelligence and technical resources, WatchKeeper and Risk Advisory are able to offer organisations a unique source of validated data on how coronavirus is impacting business operations. As the pandemic develops, we will be implementing new data feeds and functionality to enable organisations to make better data driven decisions, faster.”

Click here to see the COVID-19 Risk Portal:

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