The best places to network and find security tech in Latin America

Latin America

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International Security Journal hears from Abraham Desantiago, ASIS CONNECTS Ambassador and Chairperson, ISRM LatAm Chapter.

The Latin America market is exploring new ways to secure IoT devices, assets and networks. And, here is another fact… AI and machine learning (ML) are increasingly being used to identify and combat cyber-threats.

It is expected that the Latin America security market will continue to invest in AI and ML-based security solutions.

So, if you are working in business development for a security software company, you are probably already aware of this! What is coming up next? Hit the market and show up your merchandise to all those potential clients and keep your loyal clients.

Via social media networks, I have seen companies rumbling, but also forming strategic partnerships in order to build a presence in key markets.  

Latin America has come up as an area to work and explore.

Latin America: A key region

There are so many areas of improvement in the security and safety areas. In my opinion, the perfect place to get information and demos is a security convention.

A great example is The Global Security Exchange (GSX), the world’s most comprehensive event for security professionals for more than 65 years.

Meeting the needs of the global security community, ASIS designed an in-person and digital experience unlike any other.

ASIS International remains dedicated to expanding and enriching knowledge sharing, best practices and connections so that security professionals of all disciplines, and at all stages of their career, can access the information and resources they need to succeed.

Okay… by now, you are thinking, ‘I can´t afford such a big event’, and this may be because you do not have a US Visa or you simply don’t want to pay the travel fees, airplane ticket, hotel, meals, parties, etc.

But guess what? During the past few months, Latin America has had many security events itself – and there are so many more events to come in South America and the Caribbean.

The first one I want to mention is the SeguriExpo Ecuador in Guayaquil, Ecuador which took place 9 May to 10 May; many security professionals and consultants attended, met with one another and enjoyed the two days.

The next one I want to mention was Exposec | Feira Internacional de Segurança in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Exposec was the ideal place to see the latest releases from the national and international security industry.

During the three days of the event (from 13 June to 15 June), major security industry brands brought news and trends for an extremely select audience, hungry for information and knowledge exchange.

This was a great opportunity for you to know and experience products and services in the largest security event in Brazil and Latin America.

I also want to recall the Colombia World Security Summit in Medellin.

This May event was special because it focused on technology, science and innovation for the safety of citizens.

Finally, the EXPOSEG CORDOBA in Argentina was attended by 900 people and another big one was the Expo Seguridad Mexico; this was the leading event in Latin America for security professionals and end users, featuring equipment and systems such as surveillance, alarms, detectors and access control.

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