New network-based radar for area and traffic monitoring


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Axis Communications has confirmed the release of a new high frequency radar capable of accurately detecting, classifying and tracking humans and vehicles.

The device utilises advanced radar technology and doesn’t depend on visibility to detect and track objects, helping to ensure energy cost savings.

AXIS D2210-VE Radar

According to the company, the AXIS D2210-VE Radar offers a 95° field of view and can deliver the position of an object for accurate detection 24/7 in a variety of weather and light conditions. 

It is also capable of detecting humans at up to 60m (200 feet) and vehicles up to 90m (295 feet). 

Not only can the radar also be used to trigger events and gather more reliable traffic statistics, but with road monitoring profile enabled, the detection range for vehicles increases up to 150m (492 feet).

Axis has confirmed that the AXIS D2210-VE can be wrapped in coloured, non-metallic and non-carbon-based foil to blend into environments or stand out where required.

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