Nedap’s AEOS access control implemented at National Bank of Kuwait’s data centres and branches


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The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has chosen to implement Nedap‘s AEOS access control in their bank branches and data centres throughout Kuwait.

When NBK moved its operations to newly built headquarters, the company wanted to centralise it’s access control and – having already used AEOS in certain locations for over a decade -chose Nedap’s system to protect them.

Adaptable, centralised control

NBK was looking to update its security policies and take a centralised approach to monitoring and controlling access.

Wanting to unify access control for employees across all its locations. because NBK wanted its new security system to have the integration capabilities to fit into its IT ecosystem, it needed to be based on an open platform.

Flexibility was also very important for NBK – they wanted to be able to address the changing needs of its security policies based on risk assessments, compliance regulations and other potential future changes.

A feature-rich, future-proof system

After in-depth discussions for more than a year, NBK was confident that Nedap could help it achieve its security goals.

It also felt comfortable that AEOS would provide all the features it needs such as map alarm handler, zoning, customised reporting and lift integration.

NBK’s future-proof AEOS system has now been implemented and is helping the bank to manage daily operations. With just one server and database for all its locations spread across the country, NBK can monitor and control access centrally.

Benchmark OSDP integration

One of the most important features NBK was looking for was OSDP integration with HID card readers. This project has the ability to connect with HID readers via the OSDP communication protocol, thanks to AEOS blue controllers.

Easier management

AEOS’s visitor management module has also made it easy for NBK to capture visitor data by integrating with passport and national ID readers.

Security levels functionality ensures visitor access is restricted to designated zones.

A presence list feature helps to track and trace the location of employees or visitors inside the building – it also generates alarms for the IT and security teams if someone tries is to access a zone they’re not authorised for.

Extending use with integrations

NBK’s AEOS system not only offers many valuable features and complies with all banking IT standards, it enables straightforward integration with technologies provided by other suppliers too.

For example, destination control for passenger lifts has been integrated with AEOS. Additionally, a time attendance system has been integrated to record employees’ working hours and produce customised reports.

Expert technical support

To ensure the system’s smooth running, Nedap has ensured the NBK security team has all the technical support they need. This support is available not only during implementation and post-implementation phases, but for any ongoing maintenance too.

“AEOS is cleverly designed around the people using it”

Ezzat Hallal, General Manager of Engineering Services at NBK, remarked: “As we were making an investment that would be used across many sites, we wanted to be sure we selected absolutely the right system.”

“Nedap proved that AEOS would provide not only the unification and specific features that we need, but the flexibility to make future adaptations and integrations too.”

“Also, AEOS is cleverly designed around the people using it, so it brings value in terms of time saved and increased convenience, as well as improved security.”

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