MVP Tech strengthens partnership with Dubai Police

Dubai Police

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MVP Tech, a Convergint company, has recently confirmed that it is now an integral part of the Dubai Police Research and Development Center.

This deepens the company’s longstanding partnership with Dubai Police and solidifies its position within the innovation lab.

MVP Tech & Dubai Police Research and Development Center

By joining forces with this prestigious centre, MVP Tech has further demonstrated its unwavering commitment to driving positive change and contributing to the development of smart city solutions.

It also presents an exciting opportunity for collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations to explore new ideas, experiment with emerging technologies and create innovative solutions that benefit both the residents and visitors of Dubai.

The integration with the Dubai Police Research and Development Center holds significant importance for several reasons:

  1. Creating an ecosystem of innovation: The Dubai Police Innovation Lab acts as a catalyst for innovation by bringing together a diverse range of entities, including startups, technology companies, government agencies, and academic institutions. This collaborative environment fosters knowledge sharing, networking and co-creation of innovative solutions benefiting all parties involved
  2. Access to expertise and resources: By becoming part of the centre, MVP Tech gains access to a wealth of expertise and resources. This includes guidance from subject matter experts, mentorship programs, funding opportunities and access to state-of-the-art facilities. Such support enhances the development and implementation of innovative solutions, accelerating the transformation of smart cities
  3. Validation: Partnering with the renowned Dubai Police Research and Development Center adds credibility and trust to the solutions developed by MVP Tech. The association with this respected institution validates the quality and effectiveness of their offerings

Participating in the Dubai Police Innovation lab opens up new horizons for MVP Tech Team in terms of innovation development, leading to the creation of transformative solutions that enhance public safety and security.

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