Motorola Solutions enables police transparency with access to body-worn camera technology

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Motorola Solutions has announced a new Video-as-a-Service offering, which combines body-worn cameras, digital evidence management software and cloud-based support in a bundle for law enforcement agencies. With no upfront capital investment, this service plays a vital role in helping law enforcement promote transparency and accountability within their agencies while also helping to keep officers and communities safe.

Motorola Solutions believes that transparency in public safety starts with every police officer being outfitted with a body-worn camera and that it should be as commonplace as the badge that they wear.

“We want every police department in the United States to have affordable access to a technology that provides transparency and an objective source of truth,” said John Kedzierski, Senior Vice President, Video Security & Analytics at Motorola Solutions. “To that effect, we’re offering our body-worn camera subscription for US$49 a month.”

The body-worn camera as-a-service package includes a V300 body-worn camera, spare battery, mounting device and access to digital evidence management. This package also includes valuable records management and community engagement applications from CommandCentral to help agencies better integrate video into their workflows. Digital evidence migration services are also available to agencies that need them.

CommandCentral unifies information and data so it is accessible and streamlines the public safety workflow, providing a better chain of custody for evidence and bringing greater efficiency to operations. For example, if an officer wearing a body-worn camera is present at the scene of an assault, the video can be uploaded to be made immediately searchable for law enforcement, prosecutors and related public safety officials in the records management system along with other evidence related to the incident. The significant efficiency gains mean officers and investigators spend less time on administration and more time protecting their communities.

Beyond body-worn cameras, Motorola Solutions has also launched two additional mobile Video-as-a-Service offerings, one bundle for in-car cameras with license plate recognition and a second bundle for an integrated system of body-worn and in-car cameras together.

The mobile Video-as-a-Service bundles are now available in the United States. To learn more, please contact sales.

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