Motorola Solutions releases body camera with live streaming capabilities

Body camera from Motorola Solutions

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Motorola Solutions has unveiled its new LTE-enabled V500 body camera, which brings critical real-time field intelligence to emergency response.

According to the company, the V500 body camera enables first responders to stream live video and location to the control room, giving incident managers a better understanding of events and helping them to respond quickly and efficiently. 

After an incident has been resolved, the V500 also streamlines evidential workflows through LTE-based footage offload and simplifies administration via remote maintenance over mobile networks.

Body camera work

“Frontline teams face high-stress situations where their attention needs to be entirely focused on the scene,” said Jeremiah Nelson, Corporate Vice President, Response, Reporting & Evidence at Motorola Solutions.

“The V500 gives control room staff ‘eyes-on-scene’ so they have clarity on what’s unfolding, to not only dispatch the appropriate help but capture a record of critical events.

“And now, everyone from IT technicians to evidence handlers can also benefit from this advanced LTE connectivity, by gaining access to footage as soon as it has been recorded and managing cameras from anywhere.”

Motorola Solutions says that the new body camera offers high quality video and audio capture and is equipped with an optional pre and post-recording capability, helping to ensure there is a record of every interaction from start to finish.

The V500 body camera also uses the company’s VideoManager evidence management software to enable the secure handling, storage and sharing of evidence, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Additionally, the V500 integrates with Motorola Solutions’ ecosystem of technologies, from radio and in-car video systems to control room solutions, as well as Holster Aware Bluetooth sensors which can activate video recording and live-streaming if an officer draws a weapon.

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