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MOBOTIX surveillance technology proves to be a perfect fit for hagebau


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hagebau is an association of some 360 trading companies offering building products at more than 1700 locations across Europe. Employing around 500 staff, the Schneider group of companies has its headquarters in Erlstätt and runs 13 hagebaumarkt stores around Traunstein, most of them in the Upper Bavaria region. Thousands of customers visit these stores every day to browse the wide range of products on offer. Busy day-to-day operations and a high turnover of goods pose significant challenges in terms of the safety of customers and employees, as well as on-site inventory protection.

Risks and challenges

“Introducing digital solutions into our locations is one of our biggest challenges,” explains Martin Wohlmayer, Head of IT and Organisation at Jos. Schneider GmbH. “To do this, we need highly reliable solutions that are cybersafe and 100% GPDR-compliant.” The in-store video surveillance system has an enormous amount to monitor on a daily basis. Theft, burglary and incidents in parking lots are just a few of the key sensitive issues. The company’s forward-looking strategy also means that any current investments need to be flexible, straightforward and expandable to tackle future challenges.

Solutions and benefits

The Traunstein store is the ninth hagebaumarkt in the Schneider Group to be fitted with MOBOTIX technology. 134 MOBOTIX cameras have been installed in total, 19 of them in Traunstein. Special MOBOTIX outdoor cameras monitor the outdoor area, delivering crystal-clear images at any time of year, day or night. This means that all incidents that occur in parking lots or in outside areas are captured. The cameras are managed via MxManagementCenter (MxMC). Various levels of user rights can be assigned, meaning that access to the video material is 100% GDPR-compliant. MxMC also features an interface to the POS system so that any POS discrepancies can be immediately resolved. Customer counts and footfall analysis are also integrated to further optimise customer service and customer satisfaction.


Using just the MOBOTIX cameras that were monitoring the retail space in Traunstein hagebaumarkt, hagebau inventory discrepancies resulting from theft were able to be resolved. But MOBOTIX camera surveillance offers much more than anti-theft protection: The user can analyse the footage, allowing them to adjust the range of products as required and improve product positioning — an optimal approach for increasing sales potential.

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