Software update and security enhancements for Milestone’s XProtect

Software update and security enhancements for Milestone's XProtect

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Milestone Systems has recently confirmed a major product update to its XProtect software.

XProtect 2023 R2 – an upgrade designed to meet the evolving demands of Video Management Software (VMS) users – follows the successful 2023 R1 update earlier this year.

XProtect: Streamlined security software

According to the company, the R2 release brings significant advancements, featuring adaptive playback, video restrictions, the introduction of adaptive view for exports, a new Rapid REVIEW enhanced installer and improvements in XProtect Management Server Failover capabilities.

Milestone confirmed that: ‘Adaptive Playback enables the Smart Client to switch seamlessly between high and low resolution streams.

‘This adaptive streaming capacity helps reduce the system load, lessens the load on viewing clients, thereby offering a smoother viewing experience.

‘The reduced system load further allows for additional cameras to be connected.’

Enhanced security features

The R2 release also introduces the Sharing a Camera Link feature, which enables the sharing of links to live video streams between users of the Mobile Client.

As part of the software’s enhancement, XProtect now also provides Video Restrictions – which has been designed to provide additional security provisions.

Not only does this allow operators to limit access to certain video sequences to authorised personnel only, but user permissions can be set to determine who can create, view, edit and remove restrictions.

To find out more about the upgrade, click here.

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