Milestone Kite introduced by Milestone Systems


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Milestone Systems has further increased its range of data driven video technology solutions with the introduction of Milestone Kite.

The new Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution complements XProtect on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as Milestone’s newest cloud offering.

Milestone Kite is a simple, secure and scalable video management system (VMS) cloud solution for small to medium-sized businesses, where XProtect on AWS is optimised for the enterprise market.

Milestone Kite, powered by Arcules, is an automatically updating, scalable and cost-effective cloud solution. It is the ideal choice for single or distributed multisite organisations that need an easy way to centrally manage all their sites in one unified system.

Businesses and enterprises with high value, less complexity and multiple diverse geographic locations such as banks, retail chains, schools and residential buildings will find that Milestone Kite is the ideal choice for security needs.

“Milestone understands and recognises the importance of offering a range of hybrid-cloud solutions to address different segments of the security market. We have been making investments in VSaaS offerings for many years to prepare for the future.

“As more small-to-mid-sized organisations search for a cloud-based VMS that is easy to deploy, simple to use, has low bandwidth requirements, is scalable across locations and is secure – Milestone Kite becomes the most logical choice. Milestone and Arcules have now joined forces to help serve this segment of the market,” said Thomas Jensen, CEO, Milestone Systems.

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