Microsoft introduces Digital Contact Centre Platform


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With the Microsoft Digital Contact Centre Platform, contact centres are equipped with modern digital tools to engage customers across voice, video and other digital engagement channels—powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Platform and the newest member of the Microsoft family, Nuance.

Biometrics play a heavy role in a new Microsoft contact centre package of software based on AI developed by Nuance.

The Digital Contact Centre platform includes products that automate responses to a company’s customers when they come looking to buy goods and resolve problems. Microsoft executives say they have built in appropriate opportunities to call in the calvary – human employees.

Nuance, which Microsoft bought in March 2022, brings a new level of conversational AI, security and automation to the contact centre. This gives both customers and agents tools to resolve issues faster and with more personalised service.

The Microsoft Digital Contact Centre Platform uses AI and deep analytics to anticipate customer requests, predict intent and provide rapid resolution, which streamlines service and increases satisfaction. Customer experiences are protected with integrated biometric identification, authentication and fraud prevention to build and maintain brand trust. 

Biometrics “and other factors” are used to authenticate customers “in seconds,” according to a blog post by Microsoft Corporate VP Charles Lamanna.

Lamanna says the platform’s open software keeps customer biometric data secure and as part of that mandate, watches for fraud patterns and attack vectors.

He says Microsoft has worked with a number of companies that it feels are experts contact centre tools, including AccentureAvayaHCL TechnologiesAvanadeGenesysNice and TTEC.

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