Microsoft launches Azure Availability Zones to heighten competitiveness of UAE organisations


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Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Availability Zones, to be delivered via its UAE data centres in Dubai. The investment, which is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of UAE businesses through the vital provision of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to the UAE government, its business community and its population.

“With the advent of the always-on economy, uptime and continuous access to critical data, applications and workloads have become front-of-mind concerns for the region’s technology stakeholders,” said Naim Yazbeck, General Manager, Microsoft UAE. “As businesses move forward amid increased industry upheavals and competition from market disrupters, competitiveness hinges on the ability to remain operational even as external issues destabilise markets and supply chains. Backups alone will not deliver such capabilities. Rapid recovery requires strategy-focused infrastructure and solutions to work effectively. That is what Azure Availability Zones delivers.”

Azure Availability Zones is a critical building block of a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery strategy. It is designed to guarantee resilience and availability of business-critical applications and data in times of crisis, through advanced architecture and built-in, end-to-end security.

The launch of Azure Availability Zones also signifies the readiness of Microsoft’s UAE cloud locations to form the backbone of organisations’ futureproofing programmes, undertaken in the wake of the COVID pandemic crisis.

Azure Availability Zones will build on the capabilities and benefits offered through Microsoft’s enterprise-grade data centres in Dubai, which began operations in June 2019. The facilities’ services have empowered several organisations to further increase their capacities and reimagine their operations. Among those that have already migrated to Microsoft Azure Availability Zones in the UAE are Emirates Group, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Mashreq Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank.

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