MIC IP ultra 7100i cameras from Bosch protect port in Peru

cameras from Bosch

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Bosch has confirmed the installation of its MIC IP ultra 7100i cameras at the port of Paracas in Peru.

The cameras from Bosch have been fitted on 40-metre tall masts to meet high security requirements.

MIC cameras from Bosch

According to the company, port operators were keen to utilise a video security solution that could ensure reliable and high resolution footage of a large area.

Covering a total of 11 hectares, the large area also needed effective surveillance when faced with the adverse weather conditions that are typical in the region.

This includes stormy winds and extremely salty air.

Thanks to MIC IP ultra 7100i cameras from Bosch with UHD (4K) resolution, 12x zoom and optical image stabilisation (OIS), the port’s management team has found its ideal solution.

The MIC cameras from Bosch can be panned, tilted and zoomed remotely from a control room.

“Optical image stabilisation”

“Our previous cameras from a different supplier were unable to meet our expectations,” commented César Rojas, Operations Manager at the port of Paracas.

“That represented a major security risk, as we weren’t technically equipped to reliably detect intruders and their potential criminal activities in sensitive areas involving the loading or unloading of goods at the port terminal and take the necessary action.

“Thanks to ultra high definition, we can detect intruders and see what they’re up to in sharp detail for the first time,” Rojas continued.

“As a result of optical image stabilisation, this is even the case if strong winds rock the masts with the cameras attached at a height of 40 metres or if we zoom up to 12x in the very salty air.”

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