MASterMind Monitoring software integrates RSPNDR alarm response services


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RSPNDR, a technology company providing automated on-demand mobile guard response for security alarms, has announced a partnership with MAS Monitoring for a native integration with MASterMind central monitoring station software. 

“Integration with MAS will enable UK monitoring stations, installers, guard companies and end users to enjoy the benefits of faster, more reliable and affordable alarm response services,” said Mark Zimmerman, CEO of RSPNDR. 

RSPNDR rapidly connects monitoring stations to a network of licensed mobile guards that can respond based on proximity to alarm events. When security systems are triggered, end users expect a fast response. However, police have deprioritised response and traditional keyholding services can be slow and expensive. RSPNDR has partnered with local professional guard companies to offer a new service that guarantees a 30-minute response time. This is because RSPNDR’s one-click dispatch streamlines the process in the monitoring centre and the algorithms identify and task the nearest available patrol.

Monitoring companies get full transparency of the response process in real-time along with a detailed event report including photographs. By automating key processes, RSPNDR saves time and resources, making monitoring centres and guard companies more profitable, cost-effective and productive.

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