Marshalls Landscape Protection launches RhinoGuard Beam capable of stopping 7.2 tonne vehicles


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Secured by Design (SBD) member company Marshalls Landscape Protection have launched the RhinoGuard Beam, the newest addition to their SBD accredited RhinoGuard range.

In a typical street scene there are many obstacles which are difficult to transverse with bollards, resulting in having to break the line of these measures. This creates a gap too large for compliance within the relevant standards, such as IWA 14.2 and PAS 69; the cost of the relocation of some of these obstacles can be expensive and disruptive so new solutions were required to eliminate some of these issues.

RhinoGuard Beam

Crash tested to the IWA 14.1 standard, the RhinoGuard Beam can successfully stop a 7.2 tonne vehicle traveling at 30mph. Requiring just 50mm of excavation, this offers the perfect solution for use on bridges and other areas where underground service and utilities affect installation. Combining the RhinoGuard Ultra Shallow 50, the Beam achieved a stopping distance of 0m during its crash test.

The Ultra Shallow 50 has now successfully performed in three IWA 14.1 crash tests; in a typical footpath, cycle way and using the beam to span across a 4000mm gap. All tests demonstrated a real life scenario, impacting at 30 degrees which is considered the most likely angle of attack on long linear runs of perimeter protection.

With tailored length options available to suit a scheme’s requirements, the protective barrier has the capability of spanning manholes, service chambers and other obstacles, whilst allowing for expansion and contraction. The demountable structure can be removed quickly to provide access for plant and equipment or emergency service vehicles should this be required.

The design allows the barrier to coordinate with the surrounding aesthetics, enhancing the environment whilst providing the appropriate level of protection required, keeping people safe.

“The Beam is ideal for use on bridges and other locations”

Managing Director Jaz Vilkhu, Marshalls, remarked: “The biggest benefit of the RhinoGuard Beam is that it offers buyers an aesthetic barrier solution capable of spanning manholes, services and other obstacles. Requiring just 50mm of foundation, the Beam is ideal for use on bridges and other locations requiring ultra shallow installations.

“London is a very good example of where there is often utility services positioned less than 300mm below the surface of the ground and the RhinoGuard Beam allows for flexible deployment opportunities.

“With no penetration at all, the Beam system can provide protection of vehicles weighing up to 7.2 tonnes, travelling up to 30mph, offering protection for walkers or cyclists along long span bridges, footpaths or cycleways. RhinoGuard® Beam can be tailored to tie in to its surroundings and can easily be removed to allow quick access should this be required.”

SBD Technical Officer Alfie Hosker added: “This is yet another example of Marshalls innovation and their continued development of products aimed at protecting our communities”.

You can find out more about the RhinoGuard® Beam by visiting:

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