Marshalls launches new RhinoGuard Ultra Shallow 50 bollard to protect bridges


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Requiring just a 50mm excavation depth, the RhinoGuard Ultra Shallow 50 bollard series has been successfully crash tested in two different foundations under the IWA-14.1 standard and is capable of stopping a 7.2 tonne vehicle travelling at 30mph.

Tested on both a typical footpath installation and cycle segregation foundation, the bollard series successfully performs in both environments, immobilising the vehicle and achieving a stopping distance of only 1.1m. Both tests demonstrate a real life scenario by impacting a single bollard at 30 degrees which is considered to be the most likely angle of attack on long linear runs of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) protection.

Using just seven easy to install bollards that are simply bolted together allows for quick and flexible deployment opportunities and the requirement of just 50mm of foundation makes the Ultra Shallow 50 the perfect solution for use on bridges and other areas where underground service and utilities affect installation. Individual modules can be added to the system to cover the required length of any project.

Along with the Westminster style Ferrocast sleeve design and the standard mild and stainless steel options, the slim profile of the bollard core means a varied choice of sleeve designs are also available with the Ultra Shallow 50. With a breadth of aesthetic options available, the bollards can either blend in with the surrounding environment or can create a unique design feature in any space. Additionally, the core bollard elements can be incorporated into other products within the Landscape Protection portfolio including seating, cycle stands, lighting, handrails and wayfinding solutions, offering a variety of innovative and protective design solutions to meet a range of requirements.

For more information on the Marshalls RhinoGuard Ultra Shallow 50 bollard, please contact Landscape Protection sales on +44(0) 1422 312 993.

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