Luminite’s range of critical wireless alert systems given new name


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The range of wireless critical alerts manufactured by Luminite Electronics under the Nexus name have now been rebranded as ALERTEX.

The name change is part of Luminite’s strategy to simplify its brand names particularly for export markets.  It was felt that the name ALERTEX better encompasses what the range does – a wireless critical alert system designed to provide a clear warning to an event requiring action.


1-ISJ- Luminite's range of critical wireless alert systems given new nameALERTEX comprises of a range of wireless internal and external call points with sounders and beacons which can be rapidly deployed to provide a robust alarm system. 

Units are battery powered and have a transmission range of 1km between them. The systems are portable and simple to install with no civil works or cabling required. Internal and external units are available in a choice of colours.

ALERTEX units can be used in schools and places of worship as a lockdown system or on construction sites as a fire alert system.

Types of system

Fire alert system – this is aimed at construction sites or buildings undergoing refurbishment and acts as a rapid portable warning system to fire, suspected terrorist attack or any other alert event requiring evacuation.  

Lockdown system – this is aimed primarily at schools and universities.  Visually and audibly different to a fire alert, ALERTEX units comply with current OFSTED guidelines on lockdown. When one ALERTEX unit is activated it will trigger all units in range to sound an audible lockdown alert or message with a flashing blue beacon, distinct in sound and appearance from a fire alarm.

Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite Electronics, commented: “The name change to ALERTEX gets across the intention of this range – to provide a clear alert to an event requiring action, whether that be lockdown or evacuation.”

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