The simplified locking solution for medical practices

The simplified locking solution for medical practices

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Even in the busiest dental or doctors’ practice, there is a simple way to give patients privacy, protect medical equipment and keep personal belongings safe: A Code Handle Door Lock, reports ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions.

This simple, secure door handle with inbuilt digital PINpad is easy to fit and straightforward to use – with no need for specialists or software. It’s the perfect security solution for waiting rooms and medicine rooms, drug stores, consulting rooms and staff rooms.

ASSA ABLOY’s Code Handle Door Lock is the elegant way to filter access to private rooms in public spaces. In a medical or dental practice, not all staff should have access to every room. Private consultations must remain private: Code Handle makes sure they do.

Practices across Europe use Code Handle to secure doors to controlled drugs or hazardous waste bins. With Code Handle everything is keyless. No one needs to track physical keys or get locks changed when one goes missing.

All medical settings have equipment which could attract opportunist thieves. Patient documentation, of course, is confidential. With Code Handle, all this gets the extra level of security it deserves – without the cost of fitting access control.

Elegant door security

ASSA ABLOY Code Handle is a locking handle with built-in digital PIN keypad. A secure four-to-six-digit PIN ensures only authorised people enter.

There’s no key to use or track. Building users don’t even need to remember to lock the door behind them: Code Handle locks itself when the door shuts, while permitting code-free exit from the inside.

To install, simply swap an existing door handle for Code Handle. It fits directly onto the door and lock case, replacing the existing handle and takes two screws to fix in place: Easy for non-specialists or for any locksmith. There’s no wiring and no software.

Code Handle is already trusted at surgeries, stockrooms, workspaces and almost anywhere else a private door meets a public space. To power the lock’s digital security, standard batteries slot into the handle itself. There are no keys and no software. It’s that easy.

Guaranteed patient privacy

When a medical clinic in Belgium extended its premises, they sought modern, hassle-free door security to protect the practice and its team of five staff. Alongside security and convenience, the major issue Dermatologie Nijlen wanted to address was patient privacy.

“What we do most is to examine patients from top to toe. They need to take all their clothes off,” explained Dr Nele Cattaert, Dermatologist Co-Founder, Dermatologie Nijlen. “You see them watch the door and wonder whether anyone could barge in.”

Practice rooms are now equipped with Code Handle Door Locks. This digital solution from ASSA ABLOY has reassured patients: “The main benefit to us was that the patient could feel at ease,” added Dr Cattaert.

“That patients did not get the impression that someone could come in at any time. I did not know that a solution could be so small and compact.”

Protecting valuable equipment

The Fylab physiotherapy clinic wanted easy electronic door security for consulting rooms which have expensive specialist equipment for various therapies.

Requirements were straightforward: A simple, secure, keyless access solution designed to work in a facility that gets a lot of daily traffic from professionals and the public.

Fylab needed a locking device that’s easy to retrofit and incorporates a contemporary design to chime with their modern workplace. Code Handle added elegant electronic PIN security to three consulting-room doors, without wires or cables.

“I am no artist or handyman, but I managed to fit the handles within ten minutes,” said Fylab’s Founder, Borja Saldias Retegui.

“Code Handle provides the most simple solution for access control in a small facility.”

To learn how easily healthcare premises can benefit from ASSA ABLOY’s Code Handle PIN lock, download a free guide at:

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