LOCKEN’s latest generation access control solution protects Champagne region’s water

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For more than eight years, LOCKEN’s advanced access control systems have been installed in Châlons-en-Champagne, a region that comprises eight towns and villages, with drinking water production and storage serviced by the local water board.

In 2013, the traditional mechanical “key based locking” system at pumping stations and reservoirs in Champagne were replaced with LOCKEN’s electronic access control solution, preventing and protecting against risks such as break-ins, vandalism and pollution.

The close, long-standing relationship between the region and LOCKEN’s team led the board to upgrade the system. A few months ago, wishing to benefit from the latest innovations, it opted for the most recent key generation. Based on the use of induction technology, this key possesses properties that are particularly highly valued in the water sector: instantaneous opening coupled with high resistance to wear, oxidation and dust.

Catherine Laug, Group Head of Marketing at LOCKEN explains: “The choice of this latest technology is an important step in the overall security initiative undertaken by the Champagne water board.

“LOCKEN has numerous customers in the European water sector, including VEOLIA and a number of large city authorities with whom we work to establish long-term partnerships. With tens of thousands of access points fitted with our technology, we possess in-depth expertise with regard to this critical infrastructure and are able to adapt equally well to the constraints of large-scale operators and those of the smallest operators.”

For further information about Locken, visit https://www.locken.eu/, find us on LinkedIn or telephone 0203 691 1610.

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