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Experts from LINEV Systems UK describe the Group’s recent transformation and how it is further enhancing its structure and customer focus.

A shift in the company: Rob Keeler, Managing Director

Our company, especially in the X-ray screening industry, needs no introduction. That said, we cannot sit back, still, whilst the world changes. The market constantly shifts – and so must we.

We made a promise, as do most companies. A promise to our current and future customers, partners, associations and most importantly, a promise to the world. After all, we only exist because we make such a promise. That promise is a simple one, yet fundamentally defining. That promise is “to exceed customer’s expectations and to stay ahead of the competition.”

Let’s drill into that. The ultimate measurable for that promise, is “what value do our customers get in return from our products, solutions and services?” That question right there, is the question that guides that promise, which is very important, because upon that promise, our company-customer relationship is created, which, if later down the road that promise becomes inconsistent, it threatens the foundation of the company itself.

It’s also true to say, that our brand is our promise, at the fundamental level, and this too, can drift sideways over time as the world and markets evolve. This calls for a brand refresh as our promise assumes a new form. A new form to strengthen our promise and to ensure that we continue to deliver on that promise already made.

As Managing Director of LINEV Systems UK, I am on a mission to retain our essence, keep our promise, and hone our message in a transparent and honest way, without disrupting our audience.

My key focus in achieving what I’ve just mentioned, it to keep the existing brand equity, retaining the core parts of our company and reinstate the promise to our audience. It’s also important that the teams are realigned. This is the perfect time to unify both the UK and US companies within our group, to both work from one common platform and to strengthen the supply chain to meet market demands.

This is the perfect opportunity to re-introduce our brand to the market and to send the signal to our market audience that we evolve with time but continue to stand for the same foundational values. Therefore, I am excited to announce that our companies have recently undergone a very successful phase of our structure transformation and merger into an industry leading group of companies.

We have made several changes, of which the UK company was the first to lead and has changed its business names from ADANI Limited to LINEV Systems UK Ltd, which came into effect 3 February 2022. As a structured follow up, the US company has recently changed its business name from ADANI Systems, Inc. to LINEV Systems US, Inc. and is now in line with the Group structure.

This important phase solidifies our evolution into a sustainable ecosystem enterprise, which will allow us to better serve our customers and to meet global and diverse demands, based on current and anticipated future supply challenges and ultimately carry the capacity to be instantly adaptive to innovative high-tech change in the modern world. This truly positions our group of companies at the forefront of our industry by making clear our relationship with our London based parent company, LINEV Group Limited, a UK holding company, which was formed in 2021.

Our two highly regarded UK and US manufacturers are now better positioned to serve the needs of our customers through increased purchasing power and expanded manufacturing capacity, throughout the US, UK and EU, including more products in finished goods to quickly meet delivery needs. Both UK and US companies will now operate under the name LINEV Systems.

There have been no changes to the management teams or in the range of products/services we offer. Nevertheless, the name change shall not impact our ongoing commitments, contracts or customer service. The promise remains, in a unified and strengthened form.

As a leader in checkpoint security and NDT solutions, LINEV Systems will continue to establish industry standards and best practices for the use of our technologies while expanding on the success stories and results our products produce across six continents. Through better management of global supply chains, we will reduce lead times and leverage redundant global suppliers to deliver industry leading security and NDT systems. LINEV Systems product lines will carry global certifications, including UL, CE, UKCA and relevant ISOs.

A shift in the market: Neil Harrington, Head of Business Development & Distribution

We as a business are driven by our never-ending passion for innovation, quality and service excellence. These latest announcements represent a sea change in the manner that we address the market, we are stronger, more customer focused as we move forward and with innovation being a key factor in our mentality, we are disrupting the market with new and leading-edge technologies, together with the deployment of AI and other ground-breaking initiatives we aim to lead the market, not to follow it.

Customer care with dedicated account and service management is at the centre of everything we do. We are always available, where our pioneering spirit helps us to uncover new opportunities, new technologies, new business models to share with our customers. Where we can improve the world through smarter engineering solutions, we do.

A shift in supply: Jim Hardy, Service and Delivery Manager

The already close working relationship between the regional offices has now been solidified within the new Group structure; this enables a much closer and more unified process when it comes to suppliers and supply chains. We now have inherently more diverse supply chains and therefore increased versatility and flexibility. When lead times are crucial for the efficiency of all businesses, this enables us to react with increased agility to meet the needs of the heart of our business – the customer.

It’s a very fast paced and changeable environment, what is accepted today has changed by tomorrow, unity of effort across the Group, a global customer centred mindset with world beating customer service, broad and diverse lines of supply, unrestricted access to the best suppliers from around the world and a laser focus on customers’ requirements guarantees our success and, by extension, customer satisfaction.

Without satisfied customers, there is no company, an ethos that inspires us, guides us and underlines everything we do. Effective, agile and responsive supply is a key part of providing client satisfaction and exactly what has been achieved by this re-structure; to quote Sam Walton: “There is only one Boss. The Customer. And they can fire everybody in the company from the Chairman down, simply by spending their money elsewhere” 

Awakening the brand: Tim Betts, Sales, and Marketing, LINEV Systems UK.

With our new branding as LINEV Systems UK and closer ties with the United States office under LINEV Systems US, this is an exciting and positive time for the company. We are proud to be part of ISE and this will be the focal point for us to show our new brand which demonstrates to our customers that they will still receive the same high quality, industry leading X-ray scanners with dedicated customer focused service and support they have always received and we can now help them even more.

We have always had innovation at the heart of what we do here which keeps us ahead of the competition and this branding confirms that LINEV Systems will do this more than ever before. Through this collaboration with the US office we are growing and can now closely discuss new ideas and establish new ways of working to help both companies push on further and reach yet more markets and industries we have not reached before, whilst still launching new cutting-edge products, such as the CLEARPASS C.I, which is another leap forward in the body scanning market and more proof of how strong this new brand will be.

We are not going anywhere. In fact, we are only just getting started.

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