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LenelS2 Factory Certification received by 2N Telekomunikace


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2N Telekomunikace has announced it has received LenelS2 factory certification and joined the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP). All intercoms with the 2N OS, including the 2N IP Style, interface with the OnGuard access control system, bringing together the complete linking of access, alarm, video and audio events.

“2N Telekomunikace has completed the required factory testing at LenelS2 to validate the functionality of its interface to the OnGuard system. This gives operators a holistic view of the building right from the front door or entrance gate so that they can react more quickly and appropriately if any incident occurs,” said John Marchioli, OAAP Product Management, LenelS2. “We look forward to 2N’s continued involvement in the LenelS2 OpenAccess Alliance Program.”

“The interface between 2N’s IP intercoms and the OnGuard access control system is a big step forward for our company,” said Michal Kratochvíl, 2N’s Chief Executive Officer. “It enables security operators to monitor their intercoms through one comprehensive security platform, making their lives easier and helping them keep their buildings safe.”

For more information, visit: www.2n.com

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