LEGIC SM-4200 security module upgraded with mobile connectivity and smartcard security

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Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems, an enabler of contactless security solutions, has announced new RFID connectivity and security features for the SM-4200 security module.

Previously deployed readers are now “Mobile ID ready”

Ten years after market release, LEGIC’s security module SM-4200 is once again upgraded via firmware update. The cost-free upgrade connects the LEGIC SM-4200 via Near Field Communication (NFC) with the world of smart devices. This enables existing and deployed readers to support hundreds of popular apps for secure access, contactless interaction and ePayment running on all major mobile operating systems (mobile OS).

Upgrade to the next level of smartcard security

With the new firmware, the SM-4200 also supports the DESFire EV2 secure messaging mode, making SM-4200 based reader devices compatible with the latest NXP MIFARE DESFire smartcards on the market while opening up new opportunities.

LEGIC is committed to protecting customer investment

LEGIC’s continuous product upgrade through regular firmware releases is at the core of its product philosophy. This allows companies to maintain their existing hardware deployments while giving them the latest connectivity and security features. It also saves costs while enabling sustainable usage of hardware installations.

For detailed information about LEGIC’s SM-4200 visit https://www.legic.com/security-platform/security-modules/sm-4200/

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