LEGIC acquires XDK IoT platform from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions


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LEGIC Identsystems AG, a subsidiary of the dormakaba Group and an end-to-end security platform provider for smartphone- and smartcard-based access, mobility, shared resource and industrial IoT applications, has announced the acquisition of the Crossdomain Development Kit (XDK) for connectivity and industrial sensing from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH.

Created as a prototyping platform as well as a complete sensor node solution, the XDK will be integrated with LEGIC’s end-to-end security platform LEGIC Connect to allow designers to quickly create Industrial IoT Solutions that can be securely configured, managed and monitored via mobile devices in both online and offline environments. Main applications include monitoring of industrial processes, machine rental and asset tracking.

Christoph Beckenbauer, General Manager of LEGIC said: “With the XDK, Bosch’s team has built a powerful connected sensor device that fulfils nearly any industrial sensing use case. Combined with LEGIC’s security platform, we have now reduced our customer’s time for secure and offline sensing applications – from idea to PoC – to a matter of weeks. Secure IoT solutions for industrial, logistics and healthcare applications – both offline and online – are now as easy as it gets.”

Dr. Marco Lammer, General Manager of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions said: “We’re excited that LEGIC continues the successful story of the XDK portfolio. Their services and skills in secure transactions and authentication will greatly reduce time-to-market in nearly all mission-critical sensing applications.”

The programmable XDK is the “Swiss Army Knife” of IoT solutions that includes an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, environmental sensors (humidity, temperature, air pressure), ambient light and a microphone for noise detection, together with WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy and an SD card slot. Software libraries and APIs are included with the kit. The XDK gives designers a quick path to product launch by eliminating 6 months of design work on average, including the dreaded first pass of hardware.


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