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Keyless locking system used in Sweden apartment project

Keyless locking system

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iLOQ has deployed its mobile phone-based keyless locking system to secure apartment buildings in Sweden.

A first for the company within the region, iLOQ’s solution has been utilised for a new residential project in Salnecke Park in Örsundsbro outside Uppsala.

Lindborg & Söner chose iLOQ’s lock system S50 with mobile keys.

iLOQ keyless locking system

With the solution in use from the start of construction, costs were reduced and efficiency was increased.

iLOQ’s locking system also facilitated resource-intensive key administration that would have been required with mechanical locks when moving in and out.

With iLOQ’s locking system, users’ mobile phones function as keys, which removes the need for additional keys or devices.

The locking system utilises NFC technology in the user’s smartphone, which means that the user’s mobile phone is used both as a key and as a power source.

“We avoid costly measures for lock changes”

“We chose iLOQ because we saw several advantages with their digital locking system,” said Anton Lindborg, CEO, Lindborg & Söner.

“It can be included already in the construction phase, the installation was quick and smooth and when the homes were ready for occupancy, we could easily reprogram the locks for the residents.

“All keys are sent directly to the users’ mobile phones, so we avoid costly measures for lock changes.”

“We at iLOQ are happy that Lindborg & Söner chose our locking system both during the construction process and now for the residents of the properties,” added Juha Suontausta, Key Account Manager, iLOQ.

“We see that this simplifies all forms of key management and are convinced that mobile keys are the future with all their benefits for both residents and managers of apartment buildings.”


iLOQ operates in more than 30 countries with over 1,600 partner locations globally. In 2022, iLOQ had a turnover of €132.9m and more than 300 employees.

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