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New keyless lock for stationary furniture introduced

Digilock - keyless locks

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Digilock has announced the launch of Pivot Smart Locks, hardwired built-in keyless locks for stationary furniture installations.

Cloud functionality for keyless locks

According to the company, Pivot Smart Locks are networked keyless locks that operate with the company’s proprietary DigiLink software to provide anytime, anywhere management from the cloud.

The new hardwired solution allows customers to manage Pivot from the same platform as their wire-free Digilock Smart Locks. 

Users will be able to choose RFID, digital keypad or mobile ID access, shared or assigned use functionality and new options that allow reservation and parcel pickup use.


Additionally, the company says that all Pivot keyless locks come with internal USB ports for charging devices, interior LED lights to illuminate the storage area and external LED lights to indicate usage status.

Built for longevity of use, Pivot features an all-metal internal lock.

“Digilock is always looking for innovative ways to serve more customer needs. Pivot lets us provide a comprehensive solution for the segment of users and facilities that prefer or perhaps require hardwired storage security,” said Julie Advocate, Executive Vice President of Digilock.

“We can offer these new capabilities with Digilock reliability, ease-of-use and customer support already built in. All Digilock Smart Locks can be managed with the same DigiLink cloud management software.”

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