Keyholding Company Introduces New Era for Keyholding & Alarm Response

Keyholding Company

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Tech-enabled mobile security services company, The Keyholding Company, aims to disrupt the traditional keyholding model for businesses by removing the need for mechanical keys and saving clients up to 87% on their key management and access services costs.

Smart Access uses cloud-enabled smart locks, alongside a mobile key app, to replace the need for a professional keyholder.

Access rights are managed through The Keyholding Company’s well-established Smart Security Platform, which connects clients with their operational systems for smarter job booking and data insight.

Smart Access Data

Smart Data Access
Smart Data Access

Like all data collected in the field, Smart Access data is made instantly accessible so clients can interrogate access logs, understand trends and pinpoint problem areas on their estate.

Businesses can also save on key and lock replacements, ad-hoc third-party access costs and temporary guarding fees, as well as use the platform to reduce administration time.

Averaging these expenses, The Keyholding Company calculates that businesses could reduce their expenditure in these areas by up to 87%, equating to thousands of pounds per year, per property.

Smart Access Evolution

For The Keyholding Company’s CEO, Charlie Gordon Lennox, Smart Access is an essential next step for the industry, even if it challenges some of the company’s existing sources of revenue.

“Change is inevitable and we must be willing to disrupt our own industry with progressive solutions. We always try to be two steps ahead at The Keyholding Company. The introduction of Smart Access is a calculated risk, but we strongly believe it is the future of keyholding as it provides the most value to our clients, which will ultimately result in growth to our business.”

Alongside cutting costs and providing detailed access data, Smart Access also:

  • Helps improve risk profiles by eliminating the threat of lost, transferred or duplicated keys
  • Enables faster response times by removing the need for responders to detour and collect keys
  • Reduces carbon emissions by decreasing the number of access-related journeys spent collecting keys
  • Has a faster installation time than traditional wired access control solutions

Two New Devices

Smart Phone Lock Activation
Smart Phone Lock Activation

Smart Access will launch with a choice of two different devices, a smart door lock and a wall-mounted smart key box, with other devices to follow shortly.

Pricing starts at just £30 a month which includes installation and maintenance.

Compatible with almost any door type and covered by a host of security accreditations to ensure complete digital and physical security, Smart Access signals the next stage for professional keyholding.

To learn more about Smart Access, visit The Keyholding Company’s website.

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