Keri Systems introduces the all-new Borealis UI: Optimised for a better user experience


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Keri Systems has confirmed that its new and improved Borealis cloud solution is now available.

The introduction of this new technology will allow Borealis to continually evolve and expand quicker than ever before, making it one of the most technologically advanced cloud solutions available.

Keri Systems knows how important it is to provide a great customer experience, so the company redesigned its Borealis user interface from the ground up. The result? A more intuitive and friendly way of implementing and managing access control solutions, making it easy to find what you need and increase efficiency.

Borealis delivers global accessibility, scalability and convenience without the need for a dedicated server or client machine. With Borealis, users can connect their security system to the cloud and simplify access control connectivity using only a browser.

The new user interface not only makes navigation of Borealis very easy, but it also saves installation and configuration time, reducing the time spent deploying access control solutions. In addition, when considering the removal of software maintenance or update requirements, along with the ability to support all clients remotely from a single account, business efficiency is vastly improved.

What are the benefits of Borealis?

With Borealis, there is no need to worry about disk space, software maintenance or backup storage as data is stored on a flexible and secure cloud server that can scale up and down with system size. Additional benefits include:

  • No software update – as it’s a cloud service, users are always on the latest version
  • Manage systems from anywhere with just an internet connection and a browser – including smart devices
  • Borealis utilises a browser-based management suite, which is responsive to all devices; there is no software to install or maintain on your computer
  • Disaster recovery becomes the least of concerns, as data is securely stored off-site and is recoverable in the event of catastrophic disaster
  • Guaranteed ‘up’ time of 99.99%, powered by AWS

Why Keri Systems chose to update its Borealis framework and interface

First and foremost, Keri Systems wanted to provide the best possible solution for its users. The new and improved interface is more intuitive and user-friendly, so you can find what you need more easily. But that’s not all – the updated design is also much more visually appealing.

The company has also added new switchable light and dark themes, with more to come in the future to give a fresh, modern look that complements the capabilities of Borealis.

The new interface design allows Borealis to evolve quicker than ever before with a gigantic roadmap of new features, integrations and functionality scheduled for release and an open API that makes partner integrations easy.

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