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KBC WES3HTG provides innovative racetrack CCTV solution


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British championship Karting has been growing over the past few years, so much so that now all British Championships will be organised by a new Motorsport UK division, Karting UK Operations, as the governing body takes a more proactive approach to promote and grow the sport.

The challenge

The Karting Championships take place at multiple track locations throughout the UK and only a small number of these have any form of CCTV or trackside cameras. These tracks require not only the security of CCTV cameras for both day and night, but the same cameras are to be used for race scrutineering where they can provide invaluable information on the cause of accidents and disputes. As well as providing much-needed security and surveillance, the solution also had to be portable and easily transportable.

The solution

Transend UK, a local distributor of transmission products, developed a perfect solution that provided not only the required security and visual aid for scrutineering but a rapidly deployable solution that allows the system to be deployed at any location, on any of the Kart tracks in the UK, irrespective of the location. Using a custom-built remote powered tripod solution, each deployable system holds two Hikvision PTZ cameras, a KBC Networks WES3HTG Wireless Antenna and a KBC ESULH4 PoE++ Ethernet Switch providing up to 70 watts of available power per port to connect both cameras and the wireless transmitter.


The system has proven itself to be both reliable and extremely useful for both monitoring the safety aspects of a racetrack as well as ensuring the scrutineering teams have access to all visual information at any time. The wireless network created by the WES3HTG can also be used as a conduit to other network reliant systems that are not related to the CCTV, offering a very flexible trackside network for any requirements going forward. The next step is the transmission of live video from these fast and adrenaline driven vehicles.

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