Johnson Controls releases the CEM Systems DCM 400 intelligent encrypted IP controller

DCM 400

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Johnson Controls has announced the introduction of the CEM Systems DCM 400 four-door intelligent encrypted IP controller.

The CEM Systems DCM 400 is an intelligent four-door controller which provides a secure and cost effective solution for bi-directional control of up to four doors. It is designed to directly interface with CEM Systems AC2000 access control system (v10.2 and higher) and Wiegand or CEM Systems approved and supplied Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP v2) smart card readers.

Using powerful 32-bit processors, the DCM 400 gives full offline verification and decision making at the point of entry, with a local cardholder database of up to 500,000 cards and storage of up to 80,000 offline events, to ensure improved communications and response at the door.

The DCM 400 has been developed with installers in mind and contains a number of features to improve the ease of installation and maintenance. These include an LCD display and 12-character keypad to allow configuration and troubleshooting directly on the board. A graphical overlay wiring guide and spare network points on the DCM 400 allow for local access to diagnostic web pages. The enclosure has been designed with a removable door for ease of access, an increased number of punch outs (20mm and 25mm) and cable tie points for improved cable management options.

Smart power features include automatic detection of 10.5 VDC to 28 VDC power supplies, which simplifies installation without the need for jumper-links or configuration.

The DCM 400 dashboard webpage which can be accessed locally and remotely, provides installers with improved troubleshooting, monitoring and configuration of the DCM 400 and any equipment connected to it.

The DCM 400 is also a futureproof solution for those that wish to migrate from Wiegand readers to more secure OSDP v2 readers, as both can be supported on the same DCM 400 unit.

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