Johnson Controls launches frictionless access control for high security environments

Johnson Controls

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Johnson Controls has launched Tyco Illustra Insight, an intelligent frictionless access management solution for work environments where there is a requirement for a high level of security without disrupting the constant flow of employees, contractors and visitors. The solution offers an unobtrusive, stress free way for authorised people to smoothly move around buildings, places and spaces and yet provides security personnel with a highly effective solution for controlling and visually verifying who has access to restricted areas.

Facial recognition

Enabled by artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, Tyco Illustra Insight combines the functionality of access control management software and a leading-edge facial recognition camera to simultaneously recognise multiple people as they approach an entrance. The device’s integrated LEDs, combined with audible ‘Welcome/Deny’ messaging ensure employees, contractors and visitors intuitively know if they are authorised to enter an area.

Anti-spoofing technology utilises two lenses and a combination of IR and RGB video to distinguish between an actual person and a printed image or video of them.

Faces can be accurately detected from up to three metres away, with simultaneous multi-face processing in less than one second, improving the flow of approved users.

The cameras can be deployed at the optimal height of five to six feet for facial recognition within a wide field of view and varying heights, including wheelchair and taller users. 

Versatile access management

“The range of applications where our new technology will be able to significantly contribute to enhancing a safer working environment is extremely wide and varied,” said Rafael Schrijvers, Access Control Product Management, Security Products, Johnson Controls. “In healthcare and cleanroom environments, Tyco Illustra Insight removes the need for access control cards or buttons to be pushed, both of which are highly relevant to our customers amid the pandemic and beyond.”

At airports it negates the risk of card sharing and tailgating into security sensitive areas. In addition to facial recognition, Illustra Insight can flag persons of interest for an integrated access control system to action; for instance, generating an alert when a VIP is identified.

Installers and system integrators will no doubt find many other imaginative ways in which this innovative combination of access control and video surveillance technologies, enabled by artificial intelligence, can deliver real-life benefits to their end user clients.

OpenBlue platform from Johnson Controls

Tyco Illustra Insight is part of the OpenBlue dynamic platform from Johnson Controls which, through its OpenBlue Healthy Buildings set of solutions, provides access to technology, such as smart equipment, infection control, contact tracing and social distance monitoring and other connected devices to make shared spaces safer, agile and more sustainable. OpenBlue was designed with agility, flexibility and scalability in mind to enable buildings to become dynamic spaces for customers that deliver environments that have memory, intelligence and unique identity.   

Although designed for seamless integration with Johnson Controls access control brands, the Tyco Illustra Insight solution can also be interconnected to any access control system with on-board traditional and modern wiring protocols.

Tyco Illustra Insight’s light ring and the option to record personalised greetings in a number of different languages are just two ways in which design engineers have endeavoured to create a unique user experience which enhances the device’s ability to facilitate the free flow of people and set a new standard for automated video and access control.

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