ISS enhances security measures for CFP National Championship game

ISS enhances security

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Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) implemented its SecurOS UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) to enhance security protocols during the College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship at NRG Stadium in Houston, US.

In collaboration with systems integrator Unlimited Technology, ISS worked with NRG Stadium and ASM Global to install the UVSS at a designated arrival entrance for football teams and dignitaries.

ISS’ solution

The SecurOS UVSS serves as a compact solution designed for the meticulous screening of vehicles’ undercarriages, focusing on detecting explosives, illegal contraband, damages, anomalies and other prohibited items.

The system screened the undercarriage of around 140 vehicles, including buses, sedans, trucks and vans, checking for various vehicle-borne threats.

SecurOS Auto, ISS’s license plate recognition (LPR) software, simultaneously read the license plates, providing a comprehensive profile for each vehicle entering the venue.

Comprising both hardware and software components, the system efficiently delivers high quality image scans within a brief three second timeframe, operating at speeds between 15-22 mph.

Its versatile integration capabilities extend to LPR and access control systems, offering a comprehensive solution for managing vehicle entry and exit.

For applications requiring identity verification, users can opt for the SecurOS Driver Camera alongside the UVSS.

Distinguished by patented technology, the system ensures distortion correction and seamless composite image stitching without the need for extensive construction during deployment.

“Precision that helps keeps fans moving”

Matt Powell, Managing Director for North America, ISS stated: “At the CFP National Championship, the resounding success of our technology deployment, featuring the ground breaking UVSS, echoes the commitment to product innovation that defines our company.

“Our cutting-edge UVSS showcased precision that helps keeps fans moving while simultaneously keeping them safe.

“We extend gratitude to our valued partners, including Unlimited Technology, whose collaboration elevated this deployment to new heights.

“Together with the team at NRG Stadium, we forged a seamless fusion of innovation and expertise, setting a benchmark for these kinds of technology deployments.”

The UVSS has garnered trust from government, law enforcement agencies and private sector organisations globally, securing various high profile facilities and events.

Recent deployments include collaborations with local law enforcement, ASM Global and S.A.F.E. Management at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville, as well as venues hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

“Increasing visual accuracy”

Ellis D. Stafford, Safety & Security Director, NRG Park commented: “ISS’ undercarriage technology enhances security by removing the human factor from the screening process and increasing visual accuracy.”

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