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International Security Journal takes a closer look at how ISS – Intelligent Security Systems is helping to drive digital transformation across the Middle East.

The Middle East has witnessed a remarkable evolution in the realm of smart cities over the past decade. Government and urban planners across the region have embarked on a mission to transform their cities into technologically advanced and sustainable urban centres.

These initiatives have involved integrating new technologies into various aspects of urban life, from critical infrastructure and transportation to logistics and law enforcement.

Notably, cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Doha, where ISS – Intelligent Security Systems, has established its major offices and operational teams, have been at the forefront of this transformation.

Richard Burns, Chairman of ISS, said that the company has been fortunate to align itself with these cities as they introduced and updated regulations pertaining to technology, adapting to the evolving security landscape.

He added that ISS was capable of providing the right products and services at precisely the right time – and was fully prepared to address the current and evolving needs of IT infrastructure in this region: “The expansion of ISS in the Middle East is propelled by three key drivers.

“Firstly, ISS strategically provides well-tailored products and services precisely when they are most needed.

“Secondly, through a consistent and institutional commitment to innovation within the industry, ISS adeptly adjusts to fulfil the dynamic and evolving demands of IT infrastructure in each specific country of the region.

“Thirdly, ISS adopts a ‘local’ approach in the market, recognising the importance of respecting and aligning with the local culture.

“Operating worldwide, ISS collaborates with local partners and consultants who possess an in-depth understanding of local requirements and specifications. This ensures seamless communication and effective business practices, solidifying ISS’s presence in the market.”

When ISS initially launched its operations in Dubai – UAE, the city had already launched the Dubai Smart City initiative in line with Dubai Vision 2021, with the aspiration of becoming one of the world’s smartest cities.

Key projects included the implementation of smart transportation systems and smart government services.

A similar transformation was unfolding in Qatar with Lusail, a planned city near Doha, designed from its inception to be a smart and sustainable urban hub, incorporating state-of-the-art technology into its infrastructure, such as smart grid systems and intelligent transportation.

A few years later, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embarked on a comprehensive smart city transformation with a focus on improving public transportation, increasing digital connectivity and bolstering sustainability.

Initiatives like the Riyadh Metro project, the integration of IoT technology for city management and the development of smart infrastructure have paved the way for ISS’s successful penetration to the Saudi market.

Last but not least, Egypt also came into the picture as ISS recently opened an office in Cairo where the government initiated several smart city projects including improving traffic management through intelligent transportation systems and enhancing public safety with surveillance and emergency response systems.

In a nutshell, ISS has emerged as a leading technology provider in the most strategic countries in the Middle East, incorporating the most recent breakthroughs in video intelligence technology to bolster security through AI-empowered solutions.

A commitment to innovation

ISS is deeply committed to innovation in the ICT industry in the Middle East region, particularly in a landscape where government and urban planners are actively reshaping their cities into smart, technologically advanced and sustainable urban centres.

This commitment has led to the creation of an environment conducive to nurturing innovation within the ICT industry.

In this regard, Aluisio Figueiredo, CEO, ISS emphasised that the company has made substantial investments in establishing cutting-edge research and development facilities in the US, retaining the best technicians with great experience, whether this be in product development, process improvement or technological innovation.

He also underscored the pivotal role that innovation plays in the company’s overall strategy, telling International Security Journal: “Our commitment to pioneering research and development is a testament to our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

“We believe that fostering a culture of innovation not only enhances our competitive edge but also positions us to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industry as a whole.”

Furthermore, he highlighted the collaborative efforts within ISS, highlighting the synergy between the company’s research and development teams. “The cross-functional collaboration among our talented technicians ensures that we can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into our products and solutions.

“As we continue to expand our patent portfolio and push the boundaries, we remain committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations,” he concluded.

With the UAE’s Vision 2021 and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, ISS has played a vital role in reshaping the IT landscape in this region. For example, the Saudi government has invested heavily in developing a robust IT infrastructure; the National Transformation Program of 2020 outlines strategic plans to enhance technology adoption across different sectors such as services, healthcare and transportation.

At the top of the agenda are AI video analytics capabilities, an area in which ISS has been a pioneer and leader – in particular, as these advanced technologies have been employed in urban planning and resource management.


A US-based company with offices worldwide, ISS is a leading provider of video intelligence and data awareness software.

With decades of experience, the company holds over 30 different patents and trademarks, pioneering the development of next generation video analytics.

The core of ISS’s technical expertise is rooted in the highly sophisticated and robust operating framework, called SecurOS. The platform offers an end-to-end solution that can seamlessly integrate with most third party security systems or devices.

ISS has consistently updated and refined the system to ensure interoperability with other hardware and software solutions in the security universe.

The ISS portfolio includes SecurOS VMS, SecurOS FaceX, SecurOS LPR, SecurOS UVSS, and SecurOS Cargo, to name just a few.

These solutions have significantly contributed to the smart city transformation, supporting economic growth, public safety and environmental sustainability.

These solutions empower governments to enhance their residents’ quality of life and improve public safety through emergency communication systems, surveillance cameras and crime analysis software, helping law enforcement respond more effectively to incidents.

Most importantly, ISS solutions are proactive, helping to prevent incidents, rather than just offering post-incident forensics.

Sanjay Phatak, Managing Director of ISS for the Middle East, highlighted the continuous growth of the team in response to the surging market demand.

“Currently, with a dedicated team of 40 employees, we successfully serve the entire Middle East, the Gulf countries and North Africa, while actively pursuing expansion into South Asia,” he said.

Building local partnerships

ISS’s unwavering presence, innovation and proactive problem solving has earned the trust of partners across the region.

On the floor of GITEX 2023 in Dubai, ISS signed a memorandum of understating (MoU) with Presight AI, the region’s leading big data analytics company, to fuel innovations in smart and safe city projects and to help transform public and private sector safety projects across North and South America, the Middle East and North Africa and Central Asia.

The same time last year, ISS also signed a memorandum of understanding with Moro Hub, the digital arm of DEWA, to provide a comprehensive line of advanced digital video surveillance solutions in the UAE.

Similarly, in Saudi Arabia, ISS is proud to have signed MoUs and developed special software and hardware partnerships.

On the floor of Riyadh LEAP Conference last February 2023, ISS and AEC signed a memorandum to jointly develop business in the security and video analytics sectors and specifically to manufacture the SecurOS Under-Vehicle Surveillance System at AEC’s facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Another memorandum of understanding was also signed with TAHAKOM on the floor of GITEX Dubai 2022, which covers a set of joint initiatives to offer comprehensive solutions for smart cities and public safety in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ISS, with a heavy presence in the Middle East, has become the vendor of choice for many end users as a result of the company’s commitment to delivering high quality products and exceptional customer service, setting a new industry standard for excellence in the region.

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