ISJ Influencer 2022: HE Khalifa Ibrahim Al Saleis, CEO, SIRA


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Threat and risk landscapes are evolving

Criminals adapt quickly and so must the security industry, we all need to focus on anticipating future threats. In the past, the security industry across the globe has been reactive, for instance, if a crime/incident has taken place, we add counter measures to stop this recurring. 

In this digital world, crime now has no geographical boundaries and we all must start thinking outside the box and look further into the future for the protection of critical infrastructure, assets and data. Since SIRA’s mission is to prepare future landscapes and develop strategic and institutional plans, we have been working closely with other government agencies and international bodies sharing intelligence and expertise to ensure it has a positive impact on Dubai’s security landscape.

The future of security

The past couple of years have been very difficult for several reasons, particularly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current cost-of-living crisis. However, the security industry is going well beyond the physical security arena as it continues to innovate; moving into 2023 will continue at some pace.

Whether it’s machine learning or deep learning automation, artificial intelligence (AI) is still the biggest buzz word and will be the future of security for many years to come; not only do AI systems provide security levels for today, but they will also start to provide businesses and police forces with more usable data to help with tracking or even predicting crime.

The wide range of analytics available for technology, from smoke detection to people tracking, will ultimately help security managers and operators make more informed decisions.

As the Security Industry Regulation Agency’s main aim/goal is to maintain Dubai’s reputation as being one of the safest cities in the world, we are constantly reviewing new technology that will help in the prevention of crime, bringing together physical security and information security, rather than having separate systems and strategies and will continually review the legislation in line with new technology.

Keeping up with new technology is one thing, but how this technology can help the client is another matter entirely. Not all businesses are the same and, although the systems come with all the latest features, will they be used for the benefit that is intended?

Intersec 2023 is an ideal platform for all security professionals to network, engage and review all the latest technology from the leading manufacturers worldwide, to understand fully your requirements and what systems are best for today and, of course, the future.

Our aim is that SIRA will develop further as a local agency with global capabilities, energy and influence. Backed by our Government, Dubai society and businesses have the ability to use their knowledge and creative power to lead the world by example, in security practice.


In 2016, the Government of Dubai established the Security Industry Regulatory Agency and Mr. Khalifa was appointed as its CEO. This Agency is specialised in drawing up the general policy of the Emirate of Dubai in the field of the security industry in coordination with all government and private authorities, setting the best specifications, standards and technical requirements and updating them regularly.

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