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ISJ Exclusive: Simplifying your security with one trusted solution


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Steve Humphreys, CEO, Identiv highlights some of the company’s recent successes and explains why the firm is now recognised as a total security solutions provider.

How has Identiv evolved during your time as Chairman and CEO?

My journey with Identiv has actually spanned over the course of the past 23 years. I was appointed CEO in September 2015 but have been a member of the board of directors since 1996 and served in various roles since 1997. Identiv was formed from the combination of SCM Microsystems, Inc. (a U.S.-based provider of contact and contactless smart card readers and reader modules), Bluehill ID AG (a Swiss technology company focused on RFID) and Hirsch Electronics, LLC (a U.S.-government trusted provider of physical access control solutions since 1981).

In the past decade, Identiv has kept its focus on physical security while expanding our portfolio through strategic purchases, particularly in the past few years. With the acquisition of 3VR Security in February 2018, we added a range of video intelligence and analytics solutions, allowing Identiv to bring video and access control solutions together for a more complete premises solution. We followed that purchase with Thursby Software Systems later in 2018, bringing mobile device functions for smart cards and credentialing. Then, at the beginning of January this year, we purchased the Freedom, Liberty, Enterphone MESH and Services business lines from Viscount Systems, expanding our premises security business with more commercial and SMB offerings. From the beginning, Identiv has been a business focused on technologies that work well together and incorporating them into the company.

What are the main company successes that stick in your mind?

With our acquisitions of 3VR (February 2018), Thursby Software Systems (October 2018) and the Viscount product lines (January 2019), our award-winning security platform now provides what no other vendor can offer: total end-to-end security from one trusted source. The physical world is rapidly becoming deeply interconnected to the digital world and the risks from that convergence can be overwhelming. Only a fully integrated solution protects every attack surface and keeps it that way. That’s why we’re committed to delivering every part of a complete physical and converged security platform: access control systems, video analytics, door readers, panels, edge IoT controllers, telephone building entry, identity and access cards and credentials, mobility and on-premises and cloud solutions. Our customers can do what’s best for them, choosing the complete solution or choosing individual components to leverage their existing investments. No other company has developed all of these components to create a total security platform.

How did you find GSX 2019?

This year, in particular, we were thrilled to be showcasing the best-of-breed products required for today’s ever-shifting security landscape. The conversations at this year’s event were valuable and gave us perspective on how we can better help our customers meet their business and security needs. There was a lot of discussion around unique use cases, the Internet of Things (IoT), legacy to open platform migration, expanding attack surfaces and the need to provide continuous, real-time security certainty. More than ever, we’re learning how customers can leverage technology beyond security and even into arenas like customer engagement and employee convenience. The ideas stemming from our customers are giving us a new perspective on how our business and technology innovations will evolve in the future.

What were you showcasing at the event?

At GSX 2019, we were proud to present the industry’s only complete security platform, encompassing physical and logical access control, video and data analytics, door readers, identity cards, visitor management, mobile security, telephone entry and RFID and NFC solutions.

Our Hirsch, 3VR, Liberty, Freedom, and Enterphone technology solutions, which deliver the complete solution for access, video and telephone entry applications, were tremendously well-received by attendees at the show. Interest in our Thursby Software solutions — providing strong security for enterprise and personal mobility by supporting BYOD and two-factor authentication on mobile devices — was very high. Thursby mobile security enables DoD-issued CAC, federally issued PIV cards, derived credentials and commercially issued PIV-I cards to access, sign, encrypt and decrypt information and emails from Apple iOS and Android mobile phones or tablet devices. We’re continuously adding new features and applications for BYOD users of CAC and PIV cards — watch this space for another major announcement coming soon that’ll improve the security and convenience for every US federal government worker.

Overall, the traffic was excellent and we had several exciting meetings with potential and existing customers. Also, it was a great event to connect with industry partners on ways to work more closely together to achieve stronger integration between solutions.

Of course, we saw much innovation on the show floor and with the adoption of these new technologies comes challenges. The proliferation of IoT devices makes the industry more vulnerable from a cybersecurity perspective. This fact forces stakeholders to address system security and vulnerabilities in a more proactive manner, which, in the end, is beneficial to the entire enterprise and will ensure stronger security postures.

How can physical security end-users demonstrate value to non-security stakeholders?

Security technology does not merely provide security insights. Whether it’s a large-scale campus or an SMB, there are multiple benefits to learning patterns of behaviour among people in and around your buildings and protected spaces. From an administration standpoint, it helps to see when and where employees are signing in and whether that changes over time in a meaningful way.

Security providers have, for years, been finding new ways to utilise existing infrastructure and one consistent area of overlap is among video systems, analytics, and business intelligence. Having made the investment in the intelligent infrastructure for security purposes, our customers in healthcare, retail, banking, transportation and other industries are using the same platforms to improve consumer experiences, help doctors, nurses, store clerks and other people more effectively provide excellent customer service. For example, retail environments that have cameras on consumer-facing storefronts can apply video analytics technology and use the same devices to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. This situation is just a single example of what’s possible. Both functions, security and business intelligence, can be managed through one VMS.

Do you have any new product releases that you could tell us about?

Yes, we recently launched our new uTrust 2920 F Bluetooth Smart Card Reader, a very portable option for authentication and mobile security. It’s a powerful smart card reader that secures mobile access through multiple platforms to web-based email, portals and collaboration sites accessible only to approved smart cards.

Hirsch Velocity Software 3.7 delivers unsurpassed security, interoperability and greater expansion and flexibility options designed to accommodate the evolution of security technology and meet the needs of even the most complex business, personnel and facility requirements. Velocity provides full compatibility with the latest hardware in Hirsch’s Mx Controller product line and supports the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and SQL Server and supports the latest network encryption protocol (TLS).

We recently released Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM) 3.3. With improved reliability and performance, the intelligent access control solution leverages existing Cisco networks to allow monitoring and information exchange between devices. We’re also proud to introduce that the latest version of our Thursby Software Systems Sub Rosa suite of apps is available on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Identiv’s free app upgrade now gives users the ability to sign, encrypt and decrypt emails on Outlook 2013, 2016 and Outlook Web Access (OWA365) servers and includes general bug fixes and minor feature updates.

What are your plans for the company over the next 12 months?

As security continues to be a priority for organisations, it also becomes more complex. We’ve found that customers need a single provider that can reliably meet their needs today while also enabling a path to software-defined, frictionless infrastructure that leverages their existing IT and security investments. Identiv is working to be that partner with our range of technologies, our strong customer-first culture and our commitment to delivering solutions conventionally on-premises, in hybrid architectures and through fully cloud, mobile and web solutions. Leveraging a variety of technologies — mobile devices, cloud platforms, IP infrastructure and IoT — allows us to provide customers with secure and convenient solutions for access control, video analytics, secure log-on, BYOD and credentials.

Identiv also strives to align its business initiatives and future planning with customer needs, feedback and security industry demands. For example, the Defense Information Systems Agency’s 2019-2022 strategic plan lines up well with the implementation of our suite of Thursby mobility products for government-grade cybersecurity.

Similarly, many of our customers are looking for ironclad system management, reporting and audit. More features are secondary to easy-to-use, auditable compliance in industries like banking, healthcare, pharmacies, government agencies, airports and others. Again, our integrated, total, connected, highly secure platform is the right solution for needs like these.

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