ISJ Exclusive: It’s very nice to meet you!

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Most of us use our mobiles and tablets to inform, make requests of and collaborate with co-workers, clients and customers. The digital age has connected people across business, the world, making e-commerce, social selling and global networking a reality.

But what of the more dedicated nature of direct face-to-face communications. Recent industry exhibitions have proven personal networking very much has a place in the security industry… but taking it one stage further are open days still a valid mechanism for selling?

International Security Journal talks exclusively to Sam Stuart, Sales & Development Director at Door Entry Direct about the company’s commitment to encouraging customers to network and partner; to host events to see for themselves the latest security (smart and traditional) and door entry solutions available.

1-ISJ- ISJ Exclusive: It’s very nice to meet you!
Sam Stuart, Sales & Development Director, Door Entry Direct

ISJ: How has business communication changed? And what do you think has been the impact?

SS: The digital age has fundamentally changed the nature and function of business communication. It has blurred business and international boundaries allowing people to connect with each other across the world. Communication is mobilised and instantaneous and it is easier than ever to access and share information.

For us the benefits of social media, blogs, videos (and of course online publications) and our own website has undeniably pushed our brand to a wider audience reach than we could ever have imagined using traditional marketing tools alone. They have also helped boost productivity and inspire creativity across the business with some great success.

Our opportunities to influence and raise awareness of the market are definitely on a greater scale by embracing the changes in business communication. But it is also (perhaps a personal belief) that this is balanced with face-to-face communications.

ISJ: In the midst of the digital age, we believe our closest connections have been formed by meeting and greeting, networking and partnering, and then supported by the powers of online and social media. Would you agree with that perspective?

SS: Absolutely, close connection remains critical to building business relationships –  anyone working in sales knows that personal interactions yield better results. One only has to look at the success of our industry exhibitions to see this as a reality. In fact they say that people are twice as likely to remember you if you shake hands!

Interpersonal communication is also vital for a business to function internally. While sending emails is efficient and fast, face-to-face communication drives productivity. It’s the reason we have worked hard on creating teams in our business to encourage more face to face communications and a supportive approach, balanced with our online presence.

ISJ: Is this why you continue to invest in hosting showroom open days?

SS: Yes exactly. I personally prefer the opportunity to meet and greet, introducing customers to look at and feel latest solutions. This way you get the opportunity to have an active conversation, to listen and understand unique requirements.

By example, we are soon holding an open day with Comelit, to which we are Gold Partners. It has an extensive range of smart security solutions, all designed to fit stylishly with the increasing desire for a mobile-connected lifestyle, both in a residential and commercial perspective.

The open day on Wednesday 12 June, is a great way for us to present Comelit’s solutions and encourage customers to see them for themselves and understand their true features and benefits. These can be claimed on social media and sold in brochures, but as the old adage says, seeing is believing!

It’s a chance for us to have one to one, dedicated conversations. Where one customer may be interested in utilising Visto, which combines the advantages of video doorbell technology and style; another may want to see the advantages of the easy to install Mini Handsfree Wifi Kits now available.

ISJ: Can’t this all be achieved in an exhibition environment, saving your business time and investment?

SS: Exhibitions are a great opportunity to network and partner with new and existing customers. And testament to the security industry is the large scale to which they are held.

Open days are different in their intention. It’s the intimate nature which is appealing and the opportunity to host detailed conversations and gain valuable feedback on an instant basis that may be missed elsewhere.

Open days are also generally more focused – by example again, the Comelit open day we are hosting is dedicated to app based technologies. It will be an event aimed solely at showcasing Comelit’s smart door entry range, with our technical experts available to answer dedicated queries.

We find this smaller, more intricate style can reap significant rewards in terms of building on partnerships – it’s worth the effort. After all, in a world where trust is a critical asset, we want our partners to know they can rely on us to meet their needs and keep their business safe and secure.

ISJ: So to sum up, personal networking is the way forward.

SS: If we were to summarise, we know customer buying decisions are increasingly started online and social media is a powerful influence in the process and one we need to stay one step ahead of. Peer recommendations are as essential in business to business as it is for consumers.

Within this mix, Door Entry Direct creates environments in which digital communication is used strategically, but also where face to face conversation is practiced and prioritised. Technology is a necessary part of business but incorporating networking opportunities, open days and time for our customers to present our latest solutions and investigate bespoke requirements is what, I believe, provides the competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

Door Entry Direct’s dedicated Comelit open day is on 12 June from 9am – 1pm, presenting its latest smart solutions designed to operate from dedicated app technology. To book tickets, please visit

To find out more about Comelit’s range of smart security systems, please visit:

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