Iris ID biometric device series achieves SIA OSDP Secure Profile standard

Iris ID - biometric iris reader

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Iris ID has announced that its IrisAccess iCAM 7S Series of Advanced Multifactor Biometric Iris Readers are the first iris biometric devices verified to meet the Security Industry Association (SIA) Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) Secure Profile communications standard for access control security and interoperability.

According to the company, receiving OSDP Verification from SIA instills confidence in integrators, specifiers and practitioners that OSDP devices will work as intended for various types of access control use cases.

“The value and importance of adopting OSDP in our product lineup cannot be understated,” said Dr Jun Hong, Chief Technology Officer, Iris ID. “OSDP is an industry standard and it is essential to have in place as OSDP secures connections, protects against hacks and allows for many remote functions not previously possible using the Wiegand protocol.”

By meeting OSDP standards, Iris ID says that the Iris ID iCAM 7S Series of Advanced Multifactor Biometric Iris Readers achieve increased interoperability for use among various manufacturers’ devices. Bidirectional communication inherent with OSDP solutions allow the readers to talk directly to the centralised management platforms.

This makes it possible for security administrators to remotely monitor and configure iCAM 7S devices via the network, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming on-site troubleshooting. Furthermore, the OSDP enabled iCAM 7S only needs RS485 wires to communicate between the reader and the OSDP controller, further reducing the burden on security installers.

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