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IPSA appoints Satia Rai as Welfare and EDI Director


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The front-line security workers most often lack support and the freedom to truly express themselves within the workspace. With the appointment of Satia Rai as the Welfare and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Director, the International Professional Security Association (IPSA) is working on making the sector a place where each and every front-line worker could be their true selves.

Satia, who started her own career at the front-line as a Retail Security Officer, has progressed into directorship roles at leading organisations and has a strong track record leading transformational change within the security sector. Along with having over 25 years of experience at operational and strategic levels, Rai brings her vision of creating a culture within the industry where every person can thrive and experience a sense of belongingness. She is the Co-Chair of the security sector’s first LGBTQ+ group and a supporter of various initiatives that help her promote diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

“Prior to Satia’s appointment we talked extensively about the culture, ethos and welfare of the IPSA front-line members and their welfare needs. It was important that we had a non-political caring person who would be there for everyone. I feel that Satia is the right person for IPSA and the wellbeing of IPSA members. We are very proud to have her on the Board representing the EDI and welfare needs of all our members,” says Una Riley, Chief Executive Officer, IPSA.

“The community we protect and help secure is diverse,” says Rai. It is important we reflect this diversity within our security workforce to be able to best serve the people within the community.

With the appointment of Satia as the EDI Director, IPSA aims to ensure that its vision of giving ‘one voice’ to the front-line security workers embraces people from every culture, gender, age and background. The Association will soon be launching the IPSA Alliance SIG, conceptualised with and led by Rai. IPSA will inform, inspire change and empower people to be themselves.

IPSA is the largest security trade association in the UK with a membership of more than 3500 front-line security workers. Incorporation of the Welfare and EDI directorship will help IPSA provide better support to its rapidly growing membership.

Commenting on her appointment, Rai says: “It’s an honour and privilege to be joining the longest established security association in the UK. I recognise that there is still a way to go to becoming an inclusive sector. I will lead from the front when it comes to this agenda, as I know that getting it right is critical.

“We have made good progress in creating a diverse and inclusive security sector but we are not yet representative of the communities which we serve. We also have work to do to nurture a culture of inclusion where we can all be ourselves. Working together as a sector, we are more likely to create success and fulfilment for all of us and together, do our best work. This strategy strives towards better representing the people and communities we serve and creating a more inclusive working environment.”

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