IP and PoE for long distance applications with new technologies from Altronix


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Whether it’s a sports stadium, a college campus or neighbourhood park, everyone expects Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity to be available everywhere they go. While smartphones and devices use Wi-Fi for communications, monitoring and security devices such as high-resolution IP cameras require hard-wired Ethernet connections for large-bandwidth applications. If it’s a Wi-Fi access point or wired IP device, high-quality connectivity and some form of electrical power is necessary for functionality. These devices utilise cable that is capable of long distances, high reliability and have the power element potentially backed up via UPS or batteries in the event of primary power outage.

With the new technologies available from Altronix, the ability to provide long distance and standardised DC power is now available – greatly increasing the potential for connectivity and power to be delivered to remote devices anywhere.

IP devices

Every IP device from cameras to Wi-Fi access points requires; copper or fibre optic cabling to provide IP data connectivity and copper cabling to power the device. New installation methods allow for deployment of increased security and communications at lower costs, over greater distances. While the 100m maximum distance for UTP Ethernet hasn’t changed since the late ‘80s, great strides have been made in increasing the range using fibre optic cables. Fibre can provide great distances for 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections, with 50-micron OM3 laser optimised fibre links rated for up to 550 metres (1,804 feet) by the IEEE PoE standards. Single-mode links can readily connect devices at distances over 3,280 feet from the head-end to the remote device. 

In order to design a system which will take advantage of these new power and connectivity methods, engineers and project managers must be familiar with the latest infrastructure and available product options.

High wattage 56VDC power supply/chargers such as Altronix NetWay Spectrum, provide voltage to remote Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE’s) and hardened network switches/PoE sources. The DC current is delivered to NetWay Spectrum switches which provides Ethernet connectivity and standardised PoE power to 802.3af, 802.3at or 802.3bt compliant devices.

These units also provide network power management which allows both local and remote monitoring of power, including remotely resetting a device and reporting.

NetWay Spectrum data communications are achieved using SFP modules which can be selected as either single or multi-mode fibre optic connections, normally using two fibre links from the head-end switch to the remote hardened network switch.

Additionally, utilising composite/hybrid cabling combining both fibre (data) and copper (power) to deploy security at remote locations where local power is not an option. This method offers greater flexibility and reduces installation costs, while providing simplified and quicker servicing.

Altronix NetWay Spectrum head-end and remote power and data transmission solutions provide system designers with versatile options when deploying the latest IP devices.

For more information on NetWay Spectrum visit: https://www.altronix.com/catalogs/spectrum/index.html

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