Invixium unveils powerful suite of healthy access features with IXM Mobile


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Invixium, a manufacturer of innovative touchless biometrics, is broadening its offerings through IXM Mobile, a smartphone app with features designed for healthy access. This new mobile platform extends the company’s flagship solution, IXM TITAN and enterprise-grade software, IXM WEB. The mobile app will provide end users with ground-breaking features to enhance their biometric security system for staff and visitors.

As the pandemic evolves, enterprises continue to invest in long-term solutions to satisfy the needs of staff and visitors and persisting government guidance for mask-wearing and temperature screening. Invixium has led the market in healthy access solutions since the introduction of IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit and face recognition while wearing a mask. The launch of IXM Mobile marks the next step in the company’s forward-thinking strategy to create modern solutions that solve real-world problems.

Designed for use with TITAN, IXM Mobile offers five licensed features: remote face enrollment, digital card or QR code as contactless credentials, a custom attestation questionnaire and vital signs screening. IXM Mobile is built with usability and convenience in mind to transform access control to be more user-friendly. IXM Mobile’s core philosophy is a seamless user experience with a light and dark theme and responsive interface.

With face enrollment via IXM Mobile, employees will no longer need to enroll for face recognition on-site, significantly speeding up the process of staff or contractor enrollment. Remote face enrollment enables IXM Mobile to generate a biometric template using Invixium’s face enrollment algorithm for use with TITAN. The app will then securely transfer each individual’s biometric template to IXM WEB, Invixium’s enterprise-grade software. The administrator can then assign the template to specific doors or devices for access control or workforce management.

Invixium will offer two mobile credential options for fast, convenient and touchless use with TITAN. Businesses can now choose between dynamic QR codes or digital card for each staff member, visitor, contractor and more. Harnessing the power of Bluetooth technology, the app hosts each person’s mobile credential for contactless, smartphone-based authentication. To gain access or track time, an individual presents their phone to TITAN. Businesses can use mobile credentials for multi-factor authentication along with biometrics, no-mask detection and temperature screening for increased security.

Through IXM Mobile, Invixium now provides businesses with a digital attestation questionnaire for health screening, disclaimers and more for staff and visitors to answer essential questions from the comfort of home. When complete, the mobile questionnaire generates a QR code that TITAN reads and uses to grant or deny access. If a person does not have a QR code due to a dead phone battery or any other reason, they can complete attestation directly on TITAN via voice commands on arrival. Each person’s answers can be kept on file for accurate, easy record-keeping through the licensed software IXM Health Standard, which also includes temperature screening. Within the software, administrators can customise their attestation questionnaire as an added benefit for additional safety use cases.

“We’ve taken something incredibly complex and made it simple,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium. “IXM Mobile is easy to use because we have engineered a way to make very complicated processes accessible from anywhere. Combine the app’s user-friendly features with TITAN and we have made it incredibly easy for businesses to continue protecting staff and visitor health by allowing them to use a single device for all of their healthy access needs.”

The hallmark feature of IXM Mobile is remote vital signs screening, which adds another critical layer to employee and visitor wellness screening. Through IXM Mobile and each person’s smartphone camera, Invixium’s healthy access solution can screen a person’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, stress level and heart rate variability, which are potential indicators of illness. After completing this screening, the app generates a QR code that TITAN reads to grant or deny access based on the workplace’s custom access rules. If a person cannot access their QR code due to a dead phone battery or otherwise, vital signs screening can be completed directly on TITAN in addition to temperature screening and no-mask detection. Vital signs screening is the defining feature of IXM Health Premium, the expanded version of IXM Health Standard, which also includes temperature screening and attestation.

“Touchless vital signs screening is a technology that is revolutionary for our industry,” continued Kapadia. “Now, businesses can be double-sure that employees are physically and mentally fit for work upon arrival through fast, automated temperature and vital signs screening. This powerful feature will change the way we work in a very positive way so businesses can better protect their workplaces.”

IXM Mobile is free to download from the Apple App and Google Play stores. Enterprises will need to purchase a license to enable each sub-app for its staff or visitors.

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