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ISJ Exclusive Interview: Neil Harrington, LINEV Systems UK


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LINEV Systems UK’s Head of Business Development & Distribution, Neil Harrington, discusses the company’s recent rebrand and how it is able to meet global demands.

Can you tell us more about LINEV Systems UK’s recent rebrand?

We are excited to announce that our companies have recently undergone a very successful phase of our structure transformation and merger into an industry leading group of companies. The UK company was the first to lead the way becoming LINEV Systems UK Ltd, followed by our US office (LINEV Systems US, Inc) to form the LINEV Group Ltd.

There have been no changes to the management teams, operational structures but now including some UK manufacturing and support of our key range of products and services that we offer, so we still provide the same X-ray security and NDT systems and solutions that we have always done, but this change gives us the ability to do even more.

How is the rebrand helping the company further increase its footprint as a result?

This important phase solidifies our evolution into a sustainable ecosystem enterprise, which will allow us to better serve our customers and to meet global and diverse demands, based on current and anticipated future supply challenges and ultimately carry the capacity to be instantly adaptive of innovative high-tech change in the modern world.

These two highly regarded USA and UK manufacturers are now better positioned to serve the needs of our customers through increased purchasing power and expanded manufacturing capacity, throughout the USA, UK and EU, including more products in finished goods to quickly meet global delivery needs. This truly positions our group of companies at the forefront of our industry.

What can you tell us about the key relationships that you have formed?

Since the recent transition and re-branding of our companies we have continued to develop positive customer relations which are long-term and are mutually beneficial. The relationships are built by creating a stable environment of trust that results in the continued growth of both the customer and our organisation.

We have been very fortunate and with the support of many customers endorsement we have been able to use and refer to many examples of mutual success stories of projects delivered in both the public and private sector. Our customer base for LINEV Systems UK Ltd ranges and consists of projects from UK, Europe, Africa and Australasia.

What are LINEV Systems UK’s plans for 2023?

This is an exciting time for our company, the rebranding will allow us to look at new markets and places we can offer our products and services to through 2023 and further into the future. Innovation is at the heart of what we do and there are many more new products coming out which will help make the world a safer place.

Please continue to follow our progress on our new global website and address any inquiries to [email protected]. Our dedicated team is looking forward to serving our customers even more efficiently in 2023.

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