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ISJ Exclusive Interview: John Coleman, CSL

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John Coleman, Head of Sales UK & Ireland, CSL provides insight into how the company is constantly developing and innovating.

What makes CSL’s products and solutions so reliable? 

Our relationship with MNOs and service providers has allowed us to provide 4G Roaming in all our most popular IoT solutions. But we don’t just provide the minimum to our customers, we strive to go above and beyond.

Solutions such as our CSL Router have both a single and dual SIM variant for added resilience, to suit the installation they are being utilised in. Our entire DualCom Pro Range, which includes both single-path (DigiAir Pro 2) and dual-path (GradeShift Pro 2) variants, has back-up, network diverse SIMs that kick in whenever a system loses connectivity on their main path(s). Customers are therefore protected from a total loss of connection.

How does CSL differ from its competitors in the industry? 

We are focused on providing the best levels of service to our customers. One look at our customer satisfaction ratings will show that we provide a service that people trust and rely on. We manage their connectivity service through our encrypted networks, to make things effortless for them in managing their connected estate.

We are also constantly developing! Be it new hardware or online platforms and apps, like My Base 2.0, all of which get rigorously tested, quality assured and trailed by our customers. It’s the customer who help us shape our solutions, to ensure we are doing the best possible for them. 

How is CSL ensuring its products meet modern security trends/demands? 

All our products adhere to the highest European Standards (DP4 & SP3) and our Fire products tested & certified to the prestigious EN54 standard. In addition, we are very aware of the demands outside the UK market and work to meet other market’s requirements.

For example, the DualCom Pro 2 range has recently been awarded the INCERT certification, which is a mark of quality within Belgium’s Security Market. 

Do you have any future projects in the pipeline that we should be aware of? 

We have plenty coming up in the next year, with some game-changing innovations for service, reliability and resilience coming soon. We are also continuing to bolster awareness of key projects happening now, such as the UK’s All IP project.

This is a massive event that Installers need to be aware of and kept up to date on. They only have until 2025 to ensure that all analogue reliant systems are replaced with a digital solution. We are constantly providing information and updates on our website and various social platforms, so I encourage any Installers to visit these places to learn more. 

This article was originally published in the November edition of International Security Journal. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.

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