New internet firewall enhances cybersecurity of DoorBird products

New internet firewall enhances cybersecurity of DoorBird products

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Cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a key consideration for end users when looking to purchase products, regardless of the industry or application.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is critical that manufacturers promote customer confidence by safeguarding products and providing systems dedicated to increasing cybersecurity.

DoorBird – The Bird Home Automation Group – is the latest company to further promote the importance of this consideration, having recently launched its new firewall which increases security across the networks where its solutions are utilised.

DoorBird A1051 Internet Firewall

Available worldwide, DoorBird’s user friendly solution provides protection for the network of door communication systems.

The Germany-based manufacturer says that the firewall is easy to install, both inside and outside, and is capable of stopping unauthorised network traffic without complicated configurations.

Installation of the DoorBird IP video door communication network is a breeze, even for those without technical expertise; the system comes pre-configured and can be set up quickly between the local Internet router and the network, allowing for immediate use.

Suitable for commercial buildings as well as single use residences, the A1051 Internet Firewall from DoorBird ensures that the network is protected.

The cost-effective solution can be remotely configured via app or browser.

About Bird Home Automation Group/DoorBird

DoorBird is a trademark of the Bird Home Automation Group, a company based in Berlin, Germany that specialises in developing and producing reliable IP video door intercoms, access control devices, indoor stations and accessories.

The company has a sales office located in San Francisco (CA) and Jacksonville (FL).

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