Exclusive new launches and the latest innovations on show at International Cyber Expo

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The newly launched International Cyber Expo will set the scene for the future of cybersecurity this September, with a host of breakthrough product innovations on display from more than 50 of the industry’s leading suppliers, including Tripwire, Jacobs, Dencrypt, 3M, and Ascentor. Attendees can discover the latest product launches, designed to mitigate cyber threats, when the event opens its doors at Olympia, London from 28-29 September, while live, immersive experiences will provide first-hand experiences of simulated cyber-attacks.

Securing IT estates in the ‘new normal’

With a global shift towards hybrid working, IT and information security teams have been tasked with managing and securing devices and IT estates at scale as businesses move to a more distributed working model.

Against this backdrop, PointWire will showcase its product Tanium – the first and only enterprise platform that empowers security and IT operations teams with real-time visibility and control for unified endpoint management (UEM), even across the largest global networks. Tanium’s patented linear-chain architecture transcends the inherent limitations of hub and spoke architectures by decentralising management intelligence directly onto individual endpoints to eliminate and mitigate vulnerabilities and business risk.

Enhancing data protection

Protecting data is now a serious concern for organisations, with many including privacy filters as a mandatory part of their IT data security plan. To cater for this, 3M will be showcasing its full Privacy Filterrange for monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 3M’s advanced microlouver technology blacks out unwanted side views whilst ensuring a crisp, clean image when directly in front of the screen.

For companies or organisations looking to increase the protection of personal data in the cloud, Boxcryptor will be showcasing its new Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams encryption software. It allows users to collaborate securely whilst being compliant with internal and external regulations. Boxcryptor’s end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge paradigm makes sure that only the company – not Microsoft or any unauthorised third parties – can encrypt and protect their data and sensitive information.

Next-generation security awareness

Recently awarded ‘Cyber Innovator of the Year 2021’ by techUK, ThinkCyber will be showcasing its unique real-time approach to security awareness. Its product, Redflags uniquely applies behavioural and learning science to deliver real-time, context-aware security awareness to help businesses and employees make informed decisions. It highlights simple, actionable advice, exploits social proof as well as real and relevant examples to increase motivation among users to help meet business compliance goals. It is the only solution that offers real-time and context aware security interventions that is proven to deliver measurable secure behaviour change.

Elsewhere, claiming to ‘take enterprise cybersecurity to the next level’, Exeon will showcase its ExeonTrace Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform. Based on powerful and proven AI algorithms, the platform provides complete visibility of network data flows and allows for the automatic detection of suspicious behaviour to efficiently support security teams in responding to dormant and active threats. The product leverages existing infrastructure, without requiring additional sensors or agents, hereby giving the user a fuller picture, making deployment and maintenance easy and ensuring great scalability.

Plus, after becoming finalists for the product development category at the UK Business Awards 2021, iSTORM® is set to launch a brand-new product at this year’s International Cyber Expo. Focusing its efforts on a new and intuitive way to deliver and report on penetration testing and security audits, the product is designed to highlight the key assets that are at risk and provides trend analysis, allowing a more proactive approach to vulnerability management.

Identifying security vulnerabilities in software development

Census Labs will have a wide range of products on display including its specialised software security services to help businesses build and maintain a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (S-SDLC). These services range from consulting and training on Secure SDLC procedures, to security audits on the deliverables of each SDLC phase. The company will also be showcasing its Security Testing Services which examine all components of an IT & OT infrastructure against publicly known but also previously undisclosed (zero-day) vulnerabilities and attack vectors, without causing any disruption to the target organisation’s processes.

Bringing cybersecurity to life

In addition to innovation from first-class exhibitors, Cyber Griffin will provide an immersive experience through its award-winning tabletop exercise designed to explore the decisions that people make to protect their businesses from modern day threats. This role-playing game tests people’s response to both hacking and malware attacks, in addition to physical security threats. Through this interactive feature, visitors to the event can see first-hand how cybersecurity can affect an organisation’s turnover, reputation and associated regulatory fines as well as benefitting from current NCSC and Cyber Griffin security guidance.

Dave Blight, Detective, Cyber Griffin, City of London Police, said: “From SMEs to large corporations,our award-winning tabletop exercise is an engaging way to highlight how security decisions can impact businesses and we are thrilled to bring this activity to attendees of the very first International Cyber Expo. About 80% of the cyber crime reported in the City of London is from businesses, so a robust and intelligent approach to cybersecurity is of paramount importance to all security professionals. We are confident that Cyber Griffin’s presence at the show will help visitors take away the very best advice to protect themselves and the businesses they work for.”

Further to this, CrisisCast will take attendees behind the scenes to demonstrate the real-life workings of a cyber attack through a highly immersive, dramatised demonstration featuring Cyber Prism. It will show attendees precisely why it is vital to have cyber protection measures in place both preventatively and in the heat of the moment, as well as the importance of ensuring all key decision makers are aware of the measures and how to use them to defend their organisation in the face of a live attack. Taking an interactive and theatrical approach to understanding the psychology and motivating factors behind an attack, visitors can watch this gripping scenario unfold and discover the steps businesses can take to reduce risk in the human element of IT, detect incoming threats and gain invaluable insights from leading cybersecurity providers.

For more information on the product innovations set to be unveiled at this year’s International Cyber Expo, which takes place 28-29 September at Olympia, London visit https://www.internationalcyberexpo.com/ice-pr-free-passes for your pass and gain access to the co-located International Security Expo.

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