LenelS2 announces interface between OnGuard and DMP systems


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LenelS2 has announced an interface between the OnGuard physical access control system and the DMP XR550 and XR550E intrusion detection systems. The interface expands functionality, increases compliance in highly regulated markets and greatly simplifies the administration and deployment experience. LenelS2, a global provider of advanced security systems and services, is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, a global vendor of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions.

“The DMP interface expands the OnGuard system’s built-in, real-time intrusion detection capabilities, providing end users with an outstanding option for monitoring and controlling alarms,” said Ryan Kaltenbaugh, Vice President, Vertical Market Solutions, LenelS2. “Having a native interface with DMP also helps OnGuard system users better meet the stringent requirements and policies in highly regulated vertical markets, including the US federal government.”

OnGuard and DMP

Leveraging the new interface, the OnGuard platform can now centrally manage and link cardholders with users for both systems minimising manual and redundant input of user profile information. Additionally, the interface provides command and control of the DMP-monitored areas, zones and devices within the DMP panels. Users will now be able to easily arm and disarm the system as well as quickly see all alarm events within the OnGuard interface.

“At DMP it’s all about our customers and the integrity of our products. This interface with the OnGuard system provides our joint customers with an improved experience,” said Mark Hillenburg, Vice President, Marketing at DMP. “From a simplified setup and programming process to enhanced management capabilities, this new interface is a game changer and we are thrilled with the advancement.”

The interface was developed by the LenelS2 Advanced Services team and covers the DMP XR550 and XR550E intrusion detection systems, the flagship in DMP’s line of products.

For more information, visit LenelS2.com.

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