New integration between Quanergy and Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems

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Quanergy has integrated its solution with Milestone’s XProtect VMS.

The 3D LiDAR security provider’s integration directly connects Q-Track to XProtect VMS.

“A wide array of new applications”

This integration allows Q-Track to send actionable insights in the form of hyper-accurate alarms/events.

Moreover, this can provide object location, both relative and absolute, to Milestone’s XProtect VMS.

According to the company, the new integration is bi-directional and allows users to create zones from within XProtect, making it the only front-end system that operators need to be trained on.

“Milestone is pleased to welcome Quanergy as a community partner and excited to bring Quanergy’s expertise in 3D LiDAR detection, tracking and classification into the Milestone Marketplace,” commented Dave Nieweg, Community Management Program Owner, Milestone Systems.

“This opens up a wide array of new applications outside of traditional uses by police, including critical infrastructure, data centers, telecommunications and any other settings in which a customer wishes to protect a site from intrusion.”

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