Innovation and development: Hikvision Turbo HD 8.0

Turbo HD

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Hikvision has released its new Turbo HD range of analog security products

Turbo HD 8.0 delivers a more comprehensive and interactive security experience for users, enabling them to augment their visual security environment.

The Turbo HD 8.0 includes four major innovations that bring users real time communication, 180-degree video protection and raise night vision to new heights.

The enhancements extend the range of Turbo HD products with two-way audio capabilities, compact dual lens cameras with stitching technology and Smart Hybrid Light capability across the entire range of Turbo HD cameras.

It also introduces a new advanced pro-series DVR with AcuSense.

Key features of Turbo HD 8.0

TVI two way audio – the Turbo HD 8.0 cameras feature two way audio capability, making them suitable for use in various real time communication scenarios, such as at fences and door to door intercoms. Conversations are crystal clear thanks to intelligent noise reduction which isolates human voices by filtering ambient sounds. High powered 2W speakers ensure that the sound quality is strong and immersive. People can comfortably talk over long distances, meanwhile, thanks to the generous 3m intercom pickup and the greater 5m pickup used at the remote end.

Compact dual lens cameras with stitching technology – Turbo HD 8.0 introduces a new dual lens camera that uses proprietary image stitched technologies to deliver 180-degree, stitched images. These images remain vivid and colourful at all times of night, as well as day, thanks to its large F1.0 aperture and high sensitivity sensors. The camera also introduces a more compact design. This makes the camera more discreet and more aesthetically suitable for small and medium businesses.

Smart Hybrid Light in all – Smart Hybrid Light technology enhances the night vision experience and has now been extended across the entire range of cameras in the Turbo HD 8.0 range. The Smart Hybrid Light cameras have a wide F1.6 aperture and can capture colour images at events when a person or vehicle appears. Even better night images can be captured using advanced Smart Hybrid Light cameras with ColorVu technology, a larger F1.0 aperture, later supplemental light turn-on time, Super Confocal Lens and a BSI high sensitivity sensor.

Upgraded intelligence with advanced pro-series DVR – the new Turbo HD 8.0 range includes an advanced pro-series DVR with AcuSense. This expands the intelligent channel support and improves performance for perimeter protection. It also integrates smart technologies including facial recognition, Motion Detection 2.0 and perimeter protection in a single DVR for varied security requirements. The new DVR will be updated soon to include the AcuSearch function, enabling precise target search with a single click for improved video searching efficiency.

The HD Turbo 8.0 products are the latest example of Hikvision’s commitment to innovation and development. In 2018, ColorVu and AcuSense technologies were introduced to deliver 24/7 color imaging and smart recognition.

The following year, PIR Live Guard alarms were added in Turbo HD X. Hikvision will continue to innovate technology to bring values and experiences to users in the future.

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