Inner Range unveils new program as it announces a strategic focus on cyber security

Inner Range

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Security system manufacturer Inner Range have recently announced a new strategic focus on cyber security after auditing and formalising several existing cyber security measures.

The firm – which has not had a single reported cyber security breach in its 30-year history – has been working with a leading global software service company to develop a comprehensive cyber security governance program that can grow and evolve to meet ever-changing cyber security challenges.

The new program includes:

  • A dedicated cross-functional cyber security governance team
  • Coordinated penetration testing of all networked products by independent accredited laboratories
  • Product development process that includes cyber threat assessment
  • Deployment of hardened cybersecurity technologies
  • Supply of cyber hardening installation guidelines for Inner Range products

Inner Range’s “absolute commitment to cyber security”

Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range, said: “Cyber security is one of the major challenges facing organisations today and it’s critical that networked security and access control systems provide customers with the safest possible solution.

“Our new program shows our absolute commitment to cyber security, not as a ‘extra’ level of security but as a core element running through every stage of the design, manufacture, installation and management of our security systems.”

Formal statement

Inner Range has released a formal statement outlining its coordinated, strategic measures to ensure the most robust cyber security for customers.

Among the measures is the formation of a cross functional cyber security governance committee that brings together senior representatives from research and development, production, technical support and IT as well as the executive leadership team; they now manage and update cyber security policies and procedures affecting all Inner Range activities in a consistent and holistic way.

The statement notes how all networked products undergo penetration testing by independent accredited laboratories to assess security and probe for vulnerabilities. Penetration testing has been applied to Inner Range’s IP network-connected products, including Integriti, Inception, Multipath and SkyCommand. Test results form part of the product development process and directly improve the security of all Inner Range platforms.

Cyber threat assessment is included at every stage of Inner Range’s product development process. Aside from penetration testing, strict access control permissions are allocated to source code to ensure only relevant staff have access to code repositories.

Inner Range only deploys hardened cyber security technologies. For example, cloud services Multipath and SkyCommand are hosted in an industry-leading cloud hosting environment that offer redundancy and load-balancing across multiple locations and come with certifications from ISO/IEC, CSA, ITAR, CJIS, HPIAA and IRS 1075.

Additionally, Inner Range’s devices use cryptographic implementations, including AES encryption, while its architecture is designed to minimise risk, such as with resilient LAN networks and lightweight real-time operating systems.

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